New York — Shia LaBeouf has embarked on a new art project going by #AllMyMovies. Since Tuesday, the 29-year old actor has been sitting through a long marathon featuring all of the 27 films he has starred in. The event is currently taking place at the Angelika Film Center, New York.

The marathon will continue non-stop for three days, 24 hours a day (with only 5-minute breaks between movies). Visitors are allowed a free passage to the theater where they can join LaBeouf during his viewing experience. Those who live away from Manhattan also have the option to watch the live stream hosted by New Hive, in which internet surfers can see a direct close-up of the actor while he sits through the films.

Shia LaBeouf watching his movie marathon at the Angelika Film Center in New York. Credit: Wired

The art project was born from a collaboration between LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Luke Turner. The screening of the movies was organized to be in reverse chronological order, so the audience can see the actor’s trajectory on the movie industry beginning from his last film, Man Down, and ending with his first appearance on the big screen in 1998’s Breakfast with Einstein.

The reactions as LaBeouf sat through the marathon were a mix between laughs, tears, and boredom — with occasional naps, since the star hasn’t left the theater ever since the screening began —, which has brought the attention of social media.

The twitter hashtag has been running with jokes about how boring the actor finds some of his own movies, making emphasis on Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Some users, on the other hand, compliment the actor on his ‘brilliant’ artistic endeavor.

#AllMyMovies is actually LaBeouf’s second performance artwork after his #IAmSorry project that took place back in February at the Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles, where he sat alone and silent in a room carrying a paper bag over his head and visitors were allowed to pick from different props, such as whips and candies, and join him in the room one by one.

“People I’ve never met before came in and loved on me and with me. Some would hold my hand and cry with me, some would tell me to ‘figure it out’ or to ‘be a man.’ I’ve never experienced love like that; empathy, humanity,” the star commented on his first art project.

That may also be one of the goals on the current movie screening event, where the actor even bought pizza for fellow viewers at the theater, and interviewers sitting near him have described LaBeouf as “being at his most human.”

Source: People