Shenmue 3 developers unveiled on Saturday a new video showing screenshots and clips of weather and fishing areas of the awaited PS4 and PC title, at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference. The project that started as KickStarter has already collected more than $6 million.

Shenmue will present the adventures of Ryo and Shenhua, who arrive at the Lake of the Lantern Bugs after their long journey, wrote project creators at Kickstarter. The game will be available for Windows and the Sony’s PS4.

Image: Engadget/Playstation's Official Twitter Acount
Image: Engadget/PlayStation’s Official Twitter Account

Yu Suzuki, “one of the greatest game designers of all time”, said that the game will be the product of 14 years of planning, and it hopes to change the way we play games.

The video published Saturday on Youtube shows beautifully-designed indoors and outdoors scenes. The game’s principal locations will be the Baily Village, riverside city Choubu and an area named Baisha. It appears that the screenshots showed on Youtube belong to the first location, said Twin Infinite.

A $6 million project

After Shenmue III was announced at E3 2015, the project has collected more than $6,300,000 from more than 69,000 people worldwide. People who contribute with $5 are able to participate in forums to make requests to developers, and people who contribute with $30 will receive a digital copy of the game for PC or PS4.

Shenmue was one of the first video games to introduce mini-games. After the first titles were published, the tendency of mini-games became really popular among gamers and a new video game genre called “open world” was created.

“Realistic and immersive” were the adjectives that used developers to describe the new Shenmue 3, which will have familiar events from its predecessors. Mr. Yu Suzuki wrote on the KickStarter campaign that he wanted to make the game with the fans, who have showed excitement over the last months with the new updates.

“It’s actually starting to feel like a real thing. I mean we knew it would be after the Kickstarter was a success, but even then it was hard to wrap my head around after all this time, and moments of almost giving up hope,” wrote the Youtube user CroosfacePanda on Saturday.

Source: KickStarter