CNN has organized a special town debate to be aired this Tuesday between both Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, where they will discuss several aspects of the Obamacare program, a health care act presented seven years ago that covers more than 20 million American citizens.

Ever since Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, the Republican Party and many more conservatives are hoping that Obamacare becomes overhauled. In the debate, both Senators will answer questions made by Americans regarding this issue, as many are worried about the consequences of that possible Presidential mandate.

Image credit: GW Today
Image credit: GW Today

Cruz and Sanders have only one thing in common and is that they both ran for being the Presidential Candidate of their respective parties unsuccessfully. However, these two Senators have diametrically opposed postures and views regarding many policy aspects, like federal health care. Cruz is a spokesperson of the nation’s right wind while Sanders is a fierce defensor for liberal ideals.

In the debate, there will be discussions on the challenges the repealing of the Affordable Care Act means to the country and its consequences. This discussion comes at the precise time when the Republican Party is looking forward to the overhauling of the program as soon as possible, as Donald Trump has warned that that could not happen until next year.

“I would like to say by the end of the year at least the rudiments, but we should have something within the year and the following year,” Trump said.

Debate’s principal subjects: What to do with Obamacare? 

Currently, Republican lawmakers are wondering about how to live up to the Affordable Care Act promises, as they are concerned about not being able to make both Obamacare and Medicaid affordable. Many of them are sure that the solution is an overall reform of both health programs.

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One of the principal points of discussion has to do with the popular provision that protects those persons with pre-existing conditions and the controversial mandate in which almost all Americans get coverage. On this issue, and under the Affordable Care Act legislation, insurers are not able to discriminate among persons with pre-existing conditions.

The Republican Party is currently considering to leave the provision mandate but only for those individuals who maintained insurance coverage over time. If this happens, all uninsured people could face higher premiums or even exclusion of some federal policies.

Medicaid, another national disagreement

Both parties are also fighting over the Medicaid program, as this discussion is present in the very presentation of it. While politicians of the Democrat Party are struggling to achieve even more coverage for those low-income Americans, Republican Party politicians want to discard this program as a federal responsibility and cap the funding instantly.

Sanders idea to solve the health care issue is called “Medicare for All.” This program consists of the government offering all Americans the comprehensive care coverage of their health needs no matter what they are.

Regarding Ted Cruz, he has been a detractor of Obamacare since day one, as he has stated that “every word of the law must be repealed.” He even made himself famous for giving a 20-hour long marathon speech oriented to the opposition of the funding for the Affordable Care Act.

Source: CNN