Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted competing this week at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, accompanied by her husband, Olivier Sarkozy. This is not the first time Olsen competes in the horse show, only in this year’s race the designer had four horses, but have been participating since 2013.

The Hampton Classic is one of the largest outdoor horse shows in the U.S., and it’s one of the most prestigious Grand Prix events. Some of the most wealthy it girls and heiresses were present, either competing or as visitors, such as Eve Jobs, Tabitha Broderick, Romy Lauer and, Georgina Bloomberg,  who won the Royalton Farms Open Jumper Class.

Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted competing this week at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton. Photo credit: People
Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted competing this week at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton. Photo credit: People

The high-class event is executed in the town of Southampton in New York, during Labor Day as a one-day show. This major horse competition exists since 1900 with a disrupted timeline of discontinues and re-openings. More than 1,000 horses have been exhibited, and it is one of the major events in the high-level social scene.

The equestrian event is also known for its prizes: $25,000 for the Campbell Stables Jumping Derby and $300,000 for the Grand Prix. Luxury brands and companies like Jaguar, Sotheby’s, Triple Crown, Air Charter Service, Louis Roederer Champagne, Hamptons Magazine, Land Rover and Longines are part of the sponsors and advertisers’ list.

An unknown version of Mary-Kate Olsen

Most people recognize Mary-Kate as one of the stars in Full House and fashion designer for The Row, Elisabeth&James, Olsenboye and Stylemint, companies where she and Ashley, her twin, work together.  But Mary-Kate is also a devoted horse owner and an interesting competitor in horse shows. She has several competition level horses, like Dollar Boy, acquired in 2014 and Feu d’Amour, a Belgian horse who begun competing recently.

This year she decided to ride her horses but in other competitions, she had preferred to participate with hired professional jockeys.

Remembering who are the Olsen sisters

The Olsen sisters have been a low-profile celebrity pair, even when they starred 13 movies before turning 16 years old.  Ashley decided to quit to the film industry while Mary-Kate kept shooting and producing for a few more years, a period where she suffered from nervous anorexia and had to be hospitalized in a rehab center.

Neither Mary-Kate or Ashley are fans of social networks and do not share details of their private or professional lives, which is probably why most people are unaware of the activities the twins take part in their regular lives. However, they partnered with Sephora, the beauty brand, to show through the company’s Instagram little details about their daily routines.

The Row, the major fashion brand owned by the twins, opened recently a stunning store in New York, where both sisters live with their respective husbands.

Mary-Kate’s love story

After a long relationship, Olsen has been married for over a year with Olivier Sarkozy, a wealthy French banker, and brother of Nicolas Sarkozy. Olivier is almost 20 years older than Mary-Kate, but that has not been a barrier to demonstrate affection almost in a constant-honeymoon-phase relationship.

Their engagement was less popular than the engagement ring Olsen received. A considerably large diamond she wore every day -and stills wears- was spotted by the press and commented all over the internet. The couple is happily married and attended together to the show.

Source: W Magazine