Scientists of Florida have sent a letter on Thursday to president-elect Donald Trump to discuss climate change. They are concerned about Trump’s denial of climate change. They also said that Florida will be one of the most affected states if nothing is done regarding the issue.

Florida scientists have decided to confront Donald Trump while he is in the state celebrating the holidays. They are also concerned about the fact that Trump nominees as heads environmental and energy departments are also skeptical about climate change. However, they think it could be possible to meet him since the candidate has met with people such as Leonardo DiCaprio who is promoting the fight against climate change.

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Republican candidate Donald Trump at the third presidential debate held on October, 19, 2016, at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Image credit:

“Much of your Mar-a-Lago Club could be under water in coming years because of man-made climate change,” the scientists wrote. “This is not a distant threat. Climate change is making an impact today.”

Florida will be incredibly affected by climate change

This is not the first time Florida scientists have tried to contact authorities to promote actions against climate change. Two years ago, they called out Governor Rick Scott for not recognizing climate change. Scott agreed to meet them, and thank them later but never recognized the effects of greenhouse gasses to the environment.

They didn’t have that problem with Barack Obama, who is a keen supporter of actions to halt global warming. But now, it’s the turn to convince president-elect and climate change skeptical, Donald Trump.

Ten scientists from the largest universities of Florida sent a letter to Trump on Thursday in the hope he can meet them while he is celebrating the holidays in Florida. They want to explain to trump the consequences of the sea level rise in Florida and to demonstrate the scientific facts about global warming. They also requested the meeting through the club’s web page.

Trump has denied the existence of climate change on several occasions, calling it even an invention of China. Trump’s nominations for head of energy and environmental departments don’t believe in global warming either.

However, scientists are confident they can meet Trump since he has already agreed to meet with former vice-president, Al Gore, and Oscar winner Leonardo Dicaprio, who are environment advocates.

Clean energy jobs would be a part of the new great America?

In October these scientists made a request to the future president elected to help Florida after the hurricane Matthew produced an estimated of $600 million in damage.

They appealed to the main content and promises of Trump’s campaign including jobs. They said that clean energies can boost the economy and they can be a source of jobs, improving the lives of Floridians.

“Climate change poses a threat to all Floridians, but clean energy solutions like efficiency and solar power will create thousands of jobs, boost our economy and improve the quality of life for all Americans,” they wrote. “Clean energy jobs can help make America great again.”

Among the scientists who signed the letter, there was Ben Kirtman, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Miami, who co-authored a chapter regarding climate change in the United Nations influential 2013 report. As well, the letter was signed by UM’s Harold Wanless and Florida International University’s Leonard Berry.

Source: Miami Herald