New York – Bill Nye, recognized from his 90’s hit TV children’s show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” has released a second book in which he explains that climate change as of today can, in fact, be reversed by humankind.

“Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World,” is the second book by Nye. In those pages, he states the basics of climate change, how man-made climate change has had an impact and how humankind is still in time to act upon it and reverse the effects. According to Billings Gazette, the book isn’t read like a textbook, but rather encourages the reader to take action. It examines pros and cons of technological advances that any human can try to do in an everyday scenario, which would diminish carbon footprint.

Bill Nye claims there is still chance to reverse climate change. Credit: AP

When interviewed by National Geographic about global warming, Nye stated that he believes there is already enough renewable energy to power the planet. It is up to people to make the change from current power sources, he added.

“There’s enough energy in most places —wind, solar, tidal and geothermal— to run the whole world. What we need is to do it. We need to get started. What we want to do is provide electricity, worldwide communication via the Internet, and clean water to everyone in the world,” explained Nye in said interview.

The scientist’s solutions for this new energy reform include -but are not limited to- implementing new regulations, adding a special fee or tax on the production of carbon dioxide and the release of methane. Nye states no person or government is currently paying for carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere though this takes its toll on the entire world. He believes that people would maintain a distance from using as much fossil fuel if they knew the price to pay.

New and more competent technologies would be able to produce less carbon dioxide with the same or even increased level of efficiency, such as cars with better gas mileage and cargo ships with efficient use of fuel. However, the latter has a direct effect on the world economy, as this would discourage worldwide shipping and thus constrain nations to rely mainly on what is nationally produced.

Nye further explained that innovations and technologies aren’t so difficult to implement, stating that his home is powered by solar panels, solar hot water systems and energy efficient windows. Although he believes self-sufficiency is the way to reverse climate change, he acknowledges that not everyone is entitled to such economic resources, but can still help to reverse effects of global warming. These include recycling and switching off unused lights.

Source: Immortal