Paul Ryan stated in an interview on State of the Union that he was not ready to support Republican nominee Donald Trump. Palin responded by stating that Ryan’s “political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people.”

Former Alaska governor also commented that she would support Paul Nehlen, Ryan’s contender for the congressional seat of Wisconsin. Nehlen has already displayed support for the controversial Republican presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin vs. Paul Ryan
Sarah Palin is now on a mission to take down Paul Ryan for not supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Image Credit: ABC News

Republicans racing

Palin is to do “whatever she can” for Paul Nehlen, arguing the runner-up is able to connect with people and that he works towards their interests. These events display a clear division among republicans, since a portion of its members have refused to vote for Trump while the other part will do anything in their power to avoid a Democrat candidate from reaching the White House.

According to Palin, it seems that Ryan’s announcement comes from his wishes to run for presidency. To which she claimed that his statement “kind of screws his chances for the 2020 presidential bid that he’s gunning for.”

Palin aims to cause the same effects that caused ex-Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor lose on the Virginia primaries.

Trump rapidly getting support

As of late, former Texas governor Rick Perry also pledged his support for Donald Trump’s candidacy, vowing to do everything he can towards his election. This was also true for Republican official for the House Committee on Foreign affairs Darrell Issa. He commented that Clinton is running for the same principles and politics that Obama has stood for. But back in February, Issa regarded Trump as someone who was not thinking about what they said.

Trump had recently commented that he was surprised by Ryan’s refusal, arguing that both Perry and Issa had chosen to endorse him as the GOP candidate. Trump also claimed that there is no chance of him anointing a Democrat as vice president.

Regarding Ryan’s comments, Trump responded by letting know that he also was “not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda,” which sets a difficult political scenario for the Wisconsin candidate if Trump becomes elected to presidency.

Source: Fox News