The good news is that there is now an arsenal of medical options available to men and women in the fight against obesity. With their doctor’s approval, patients can now avail themselves of customized dietary regimens, fitness programs, prescription medications, weight loss surgery and non-invasive methods to lose weight. For patients who are struggling with a great deal of excess weight, these are life-saving options.

Sagging Skin After Massive Weight Loss? Plastic Surgery Can Help

Issues after weight loss

While it may seem like losing weight is the perfect answer to the many problems associated with obesity, losing large amounts of weight can bring about problems of its own. In particular, people who were once considered dangerously or morbidly obese will now have an overabundance of excess skin. While they have been able to rid themselves of excess fat, the skin that once covered their body has lost its elasticity and does not simply snap back into shape.

Unfortunately, their skin now sags and hangs loosely around their body. Buying clothing has not become easier or less uncomfortable. Formerly obese patients find themselves still very self-conscious about their shape, something they hoped wouldn’t happen. Whereas weight loss seemed like the answer to one’s body issues, sagging skin has produced a new set of worries and concerns.

Solutions to excess and sagging skin

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Ross of the Aesthetic Surgery Center often see patients who wonder if they will ever be able to lose this excess skin. The answer is yes and no. Excess skin will not go away on its own, despite efforts at fitness and proper skincare. However, sagging skin after massive weight loss can be successfully reduced with the services of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. In case you’re struggling with spider veins then make sure to check out reputable vein treatment centers.

Tummy tuck

One of the most troublesome areas of the body is the abdomen area. In particular, it is where we store excess fat and the place where most fat loss occurs. This causes excess skin to sag and forms unattractive folds. Worse yet when patients have lost a massive amount of weight, these folds of extra skin may pose obstacles of their own.

Extra skin around the waist and hips prevents one from having a flatter stomach. With a tummy tuck procedure, the doctor can tighten abdominal muscles from within. Excess skin in the area is then trimmed to produce a smoother look post-surgery.

In addition to joining together the abdomen muscles during tummy tuck surgery, a plastic surgeon like Dr. Ross can combine more than one procedure when necessary. This is especially important for patients with areas of fat previously highly resistant to other forms of weight loss. With this in mind, the doctor may combine liposuction along with tummy tuck surgery when required.

Arm lift

One of the areas of the body which tends to retain excess weight is the upper arms. In women, fatty arms may not just be quite noticeable but uncomfortable as well. Whereas everyone else enjoys sleeveless shirts and beachwear during the summer, these women are struggling to cover their arms. During the summer months and for those who reside in warm climates, heavy arms can prove to be downright embarrassing.

While weight loss may be able to assist a patient in losing fat in their upper arms, this does not mean that the skin in that area will shrink accordingly. Often the result is what some people refer to as “bat wings” because the arms resemble a bat or bird in flight. Most often it is women who seek help with this issue, but men are not immune to loose skin around their upper arms.

Plastic surgery can solve the problem with a “Brachioplasty” procedure, known more commonly as an “arm lift.” The surgeon removes excess skin from the upper arms, using a few well-placed incisions. After excess skin has been removed, the surgeon is then able to contour the arm area so that it is aesthetically pleasing.

As with all plastic surgery procedures, each treatment plan is customized to meet the requirements of the individual patient. For one patient, this might mean that only a couple of incisions are necessary. Another patient might have a great deal of excess skin that requires a longer incision line. In all cases, the surgeon will place incisions so they are as hidden as possible and post-surgical healing is optimized.

How do I know if these procedures are right for me?

First and foremost is your overall health. Before surgery to rid yourself of excess skin, a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate for any treatment. During pre-surgery consultations, Dr. Ross routinely discusses options that have been proven to work best in cases similar to your own. This may involve both invasive and noninvasive treatments, which will be described at length to address your body type.

One important point always made clear to prospective patients is that the removal of excess skin and fat is not a replacement for medical weight loss. These procedures have been developed to safely assist patients who have already lost weight and excess skin that has resulted from weight loss. The removal of sagging skin is not to be confused with weight loss surgery, diet or regular exercise.

Scheduling a consultation is the first step

As with all procedures performed at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, Dr. Ross aims to create natural results for all of his patients. Photos and descriptions are posted on his website. This allows prospective patients to get a realistic sense of the transformation both invasive and noninvasive treatments can provide.

To learn more about a tummy tuck, arm lift, and other treatments, schedule a consultation with the Aesthetic Surgery Center in Naples. Dr. Ross and his team can be reached by phone at 239-594-9100 to set up an appointment.