It is known that Prince‘s jet plane had to make an emergency landing last Friday, supposedly, because he was “struggling with the flu”, other sources alleged that he was dehydrated.

The plane landed at Quad City International Airport in Moline around 1am. He was already feeling sick before getting on the plane as he was headed to perform in Atlanta. Prince had canceled two shows due to health concerns.

Prince had enough hits that would last for decades if you played them all the way through. He would sell out shows in seconds. Credit: blackdoctor

It was reported by TMZ that doctors provided a “safe shot” to the artist after arriving at the hospital. A safe shot enables the body to work against the effect of opiates; just hours later, Prince left the building. On Saturday, Record Store day, he was seen at the Electric Fetus record store in Minnesota. He was spotted buying CD’s, among which he included a Stevie Wonder album.

Prince was then seen in Paisley Park; he invited people to a dance party and appeared after two hours into the event, just after midnight. Then he played a short tune on a new purple Yamaha piano and displayed a new guitar.

It is reported that, regarding the events of the emergency landing, Prince said: “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” His appearance lasted a measly 5 minutes. A fan proceeded to take a picture and he called security, but arguably Prince was joking and offered her to stay.

Thursday morning Prince’s body was found by authorities, lying on the floor of an elevator after a 911 call. First responders couldn’t precise the cause of death, only stating that the people at Prince’s house were “distraught.” CPR was performed but it was impossible to revive him.

Prince’s lifestyle

Prince has had a notable personal life apart from his artistic achievements, being known for his eccentricity on stage, strong stances favoring conservative views on LGBT matters and several legal disputes with his record label, some because of his hedonistic and excessive lifestyle that came to an end in the 90’s.

In 1996, his son had died shortly after birth due to the Pfieffer syndrome, a genetic disorder of the skull. Months later, his father died and six months later his mother followed. He had then turned to faith, becoming a Jehova Witness, as it was the last wish of his mother.

Prince’s house now contains a room known as The Knowledge Room, teeming with full shelves of religious literature. He was reported to be a very firm devout, reading the Bible daily for up to six hours. ““There’s an incredible peace in my life now and I’m trying to share it with people,” he stated back when he was 52 years old.

Source: StarTribune TMZ