On a tweet published November 21, Rosie O’Donnell suggested that president-elect Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, has autism. On the post, she shared a video that points out different mannerism associated with people with the condition and tried to stop people from bullying the kid for his behavior, as some have stated he is rude.

The video titled “Is Barron Trump Autistic? #StopTheBullying” shows different footage were Barron’s behavior is associated with mannerism typically seen in people with autism. The comedian wrote in the tweet that if Barron happens to have the condition, it would be an “amazing” opportunity to bring attention to the autism epidemic, a comment most people did not found appropriated.

Rosie O’Donnell suggested that Barron Trump has autism. Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Getty Images for Athena Film Festival / The Wrap
Rosie O’Donnell suggested that Barron Trump has autism. Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Getty Images for Athena Film Festival / The Wrap

The former talk show host has been feuding with Donald Trump for several years, and her tweet suggesting Trump’s son has autism was taken as an attack on the president-elect through his child.

Most people claimed on Twitter that Rosie did not have the right to expose the family. If Barron happens to be autistic and Trump and his wife had decided to keep the matter private, she should have respected their decision. Others sharply criticized the O’Donnell for trying to diagnose a child when she is not a health professional.

After days of people attacking Rosie O’Donnel for sharing her view on Barron’s behavior, she decided to address the issue with a message published on her website. O’Donnell explains she has a three-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with high functioning autism (HFA) and Barron mannerism has made her think he could have a similar condition as her daughter Dakota.

In the communication, Rosie O’Donnell stressed the fact that she never said that Barron Trump has autism, repeating that what she wrote was that if it happened to be true, it would be an opportunity to raise awareness about the condition epidemic.

Regarding accusations saying she is bullying Donald Trump and his son for pointing out in public that the 10-year-old boy could have autism, Rosie O’Donnell stated that the video is part of an anti-bully campaign. She even defended Barron for his behavior at the RNC stage because he seemed rude. If Barron has autism, what he did on stage could be associated with antisocial behavior, a common characteristic of people with the condition.

The video exposing Barron Trump: O’Donnell did not make it, but people assumed she did

The video shared in the comedian’s controversial tweet was posted by Youtube user James Hunter and not by O’Donnell herself. She explains that she shared it with the best intentions since she thought it would help to raise awareness about autism.

The first thing the seven-minute-long video points out is Barron’s clapping at the RNC. The boy fails to touch his hands and moves them erratically, which the user says is common in people with autism.

The second footage shows Barron making strange moves in his seat and the following how the kid wobbles from side to side. Both mannerisms are also linked to people with the condition.

Regarding Barron being rude at the RNC stage, the video shows how Donald Trump grabs him by the arms and he rejects his touch. The caption in the footage says that the scene shows antisocial behavior and not a misbehaved child. The video also features a similar action when Michael Pence grabs his arm: Barron rejects it. Autistic people are known for avoiding to be touched, says the video.

The video suggests that Trump could know his youngest boy has autism because he agrees that vaccines could cause the condition. The footage also shows a fragment of a Donald Trump’s debate when he says he is for vaccines but in smaller doses over a longer period.

Trump stated that when people take “a little beautiful baby” to the doctors, the child gets an injection that, according to him, looks meant for a horse and that causes autism, “and I’ve seen it,” said Trump. Right after, president-elected stated he saw it in babies of people that worked for him. Trump said that after the shot the children got a fever and then was diagnosed with autism.

In another debate, Donald Trump acknowledged that Barron is gifted with computers, a skill associated with autism, reads the caption on the video. Melania Trump has also pointed out that her son is enthusiastic about math and science adding he plays alone for hours and likes to keep his room “clean and white.”

Rosie O’Donnell answers to criticisms regarding her November 21st tweet

Rosie O’Donnell explained that having a daughter with autism has immersed her in the condition’s reality to help her daughter better, saying it is something normal when your child has different needs.

She said the video she shared mentions many kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms. O’Donnell shared it because of educational and informational reasons. The comedian also said that despite her disagreements with the next president of the United States, she also thinks that vaccines cause autism and the epidemic is real.

“Peace out as we try to save democracy from this madman who thinks OUR country is his,” was Rosie O’Donnell’s last word of the communication.

Source: Rosie O’Donnell’s Website