Ontario, Toronto – Rogers Communications Inc. (NYSE: RCI), announced their upcoming plans to bring gigabit Internet and the world’s largest commitment to live sports broadcasting in 4K High Definition Resolution to Canadian subscribers. The live sports service will be available by April 2016.

The company operates particularly in the field of wireless communications, cable television, telephone, and Internet connectivity with significant additional telecommunications and mass media assets. Credit: Mark Blinch / Reuters

“4K TV sets have been in the market for some time and 40 per cent of all TV sales are likely to be 4K this holiday season. However, until now live TV broadcasts in 4K have been few and far between and customers have not been able to get 4K set-top boxes,” said Guy Laurence, President and CEO, Rogers Communications, as 4K reported.

4K TV Broadcast

The new 4K Live Sports content package offered by the communication and media company, will feature live sports broadcasting of more than 100 different sports media events. Rogers said that all of the 81 Toronto Blue Jays home games will be included. The Canadian company will stream up to 20 marquee NHL Games and all of this content will be for users’ disposition through the promising 4K set-top box that will come with the service.

Also, customers will have access to over 100 hours of 4K movies, series and TV shows. Users will enjoy an extent catalog of Netflix original series in 4K, such as Narcos, Marvel’s Daredevil, House of Cards, to name a few.

The 4K format is four times the pixels of HD for higher resolution and improved motion video. A high dynamic range (HDR) will also be introduced by Rogers. The HDR produces real-life images with better colour saturation, contrast and resolution.

“We are solving both problems in one go with the world’s largest commitment to 4K broadcasting and a new 4K set-top box for customers that will allow customers to see sports and entertainment in the highest resolution and with the fastest internet speeds. 4K gets you closer to the action than the linesman and first base coach, and HDR brings those images to life with intense colour and contrast,” Laurence stated as News Wired reported.

Gigabit Internet

Rogers also focused on introducing a new Gigabit Internet service, that features a giant gigabit-level boost to download speeds and an upload speed of 50 megabits per second. This powerful service goes hand in hand with 4K streaming.

Each customer will be able to have Gigabit Internet service for a cost of $149.99 per month. The Gigabit Internet will be available this year in downtown Toronto and the GTA, however, Rogers expects to provide the service to over four million homes by the end of 2016.

“The number of devices connected to the internet in the home is increasing and they are consuming more internet every month. With our Gigabit roll out, customers can watch TV in 4K and still have all their devices in their home streaming movies and shows with clearer picture quality and less buffering,” said Laurence, noting an experienced telephone copper wire technology cannot deliver.

“We don’t have to pick and choose which customers can access the fastest speeds, our technology will deliver it to virtually all our customers. Canadians shouldn’t have to wait for the best home entertainment experience and fastest internet speeds,” he concluded as News Wired informed.

Source: Rogers Communications Inc.