Star Victoria Justice released a new teaser for the remake of the classic film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The actress posted on her Twitter account a clip of her performing “Touch A Touch A Touch Me.”

The actress, who plays Janet Weiss in the remake, posted a 25-second teaser on her Twitter account in which she quotes one of the songs of the film by saying “here’s one small fraction of the main attraction.”

On April 2015, Fox announced it was working on a new production of the iconic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Photo credit:
On April 2015, Fox announced it was working on a new production of the iconic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Photo credit:

On April 2015, Fox announced it was working on a new production of the 1975 film that has become a cultural movie and, since then, small parts of their work has been published in social media.

Since Justice’s casting, the actress has shared a lot of information on the advances of the production, teasing fans and even sharing the crew’s lunch details

The broadcasting company responded to Justice’s comments on Twitter by posting her full version of the song on their Youtube channel and announcing it’s availability on iTunes.

Remaking a classic

In 1975, Jim Sharman’s British comedy-horror musical was released. The script written by Richard O’Brien and Sharman, along with the singable songs and edginess, made the musical part of the world’s culture which remains relevant nowadays.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” tells the story of a virginal and naive girl named Janet Weiss, originally played by Susan Sarandon, Weiss finds herself along with his soon-to-be husband on an abandoned road after their car broke down. The couple walks to the nearest house that happens to be Doctor’s Frank N. Furter’s mansion, which is filled with mysteries.

Through the film, the audience enjoys the transformation of Janet as she falls in love with Furter’s Frankenstein, called Rocky, who happens to be a tall and muscular blonde boy. Meanwhile, songs are played, and dance numbers randomly appear.

Among the musical’s most famous songs are “Dammit Janet,” ” The Time Warp,” “Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch me,” “Wild and Untamed Thing,” “I Can Make You a Man,” and many others.

The musical wasn’t a hit when it first aired. In fact, some critics rejected the production by calling it “pointless”. However, over the years the film became a cult phenomenon and is now praised by its fans.

In the remake, the doctor’s role was given to Laverne Cox, who is mostly known for her role in the Netflix series “Orange is The New Black” and who has become an icon for the transgender community.

Fox recruited Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice to play the lead role along with Staz Nair who plays Rocky, Adam Lambert who plays the role of Eddie, Weiss’ fiancé, Christina Milian as Magenta and Ryan McCartan as Brad.

The remake of Rocky Horror airs on the Fox Broadcasting System on Thursday, October 20, at 8:00 p.m.

Source: USA Today