Scientists started discussing sex with robots and digital intimacy on Wednesday at the Human Choice & Computers conference in Manchester, placing an important emphasis on the “intimate relationship” between humans and technology.

It was Professor Charles Ess from the University of Oslo who said that robots “may well be able to offer good sex on demand,” but that there is also a need for correctly developing how humans should relate with robots, as currently, technology is basically a tool for humans.

More than two-thirds of men recruited for a sexbot study say they would give sex robots a try. Image Credit: Willyam Bradberry/ Shutterstock/Discove Magazine

Robot-sex addiction may be imminent

Sex therapists and robotic experts are not so complacent about sex with robots, as it will probably plunge the human race into an existential crossroad where some people will most assuredly be unable to stop having sex with dolls. Kathleen Richardson, an activist from De Monfort University against sex with robots, argues that humans will become isolated by trying to satisfy themselves with inherently inhuman methods.

“Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed,” stated Joel Snell from Kirkwood College to the Daily Star. He explains that humans will become obsessed with their robotic mates, as they will always be faithful and willing to have more sex. Snell also stated his concern of robot-sex addiction as people always allow addicting substances or behaviors to take control of their lives, no matter their social status.

As we can see nowadays, robots excel humans in pretty much every activity they perform. It is no wonder that there is a high possibility of robots becoming better at sex than humans, although sex is one of the factors that characterize us as a living species. But if sex is not oriented at reproduction it is a purely carnal activity, which may leave the doors open for robots to effectively satisfying the needs of people that just want sex for fun or pleasure.

Image Credti: Artist César Vonc

Programmed for having sex

Because robots would be programmable, they will always seek to satisfy the needs of their owner, which is one of the selling points of sex robots. Snell commented that there is a very high possibility of robots being more desirable for sex than humans, as they will also be free of sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, and anything related to the organic part of having sex.

Although sex with robots seems like something that is thought to only occur in movies, it is a matter of time until coherent AIs are able to be embedded onto a mechanical doll’s hardware, thus producing a robot designed able to understand and perform commands. This will lead to a new era of the human-technology relationship, allowing us to take huge leaps into the new reality that we will be able to create for ourselves through science.

As time passes, humans will start seeing the new proposals in sex with machines, and reactions will start to shape up how the industry evolves. But it appears that there is an imminent scenario where humans will have sex with robots and many will just have to deal with it.

Source: NY Times