Switzerland – Rinspeed, hinted about the new innovating Etos concept that will be presented at the January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2016). The swiss automobile manufacturer said it would be an hybrid sport autopilot car which will be adaptive to its surroundings and capable of learning.

Rinspeed CEO Frank M Rinderknecht stated “The major and especially the disruptive innovations in future automotive engineering will come from the digital realm. That is why all major manufacturers and suppliers are now present at the CES Consumer Electronic Show.” Rinspeed reported.

Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer. It specialises in restoring classic cars, and tuning and modifying modern cars such as Porsches and Subarus. Credit: theautomobilist.fr

Driverless cars

Apparently, Rinspeed is targeting driverless cars. The company created an intuitive, adaptive autopilot capable of learning. The interior can be adapted to any particular driving situation and it can enter into an autonomous mode, in which the steering wheel folds up elegantly and retracts completely into the dashboard, as Rinspeed informed.

The car uses a system called Harman Connected Car technologies, which works just like a personal assistant and can think in a courteous and anticipatory manner. The system also delivers proper entertainment, connectivity and maximum safety.

Onboard drone

The sporty hybrid car incorporates a drone that has its own landing pad on the rear end. The company said that there are many benefits from this feature

“It could fetch a bouquet of flowers the driver ordered online and even deliver it directly to the lucky recipiet. It could also take a video of the wild ride on the favorite fun road and stream it live to friends! No doubt, Frank M. Rinderknecht present himself as a visionary and magician in Las Vegas.” Rinspeed statement said.

Source: Engadget