The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has warned users about certain models of the two-wheeled scooter because of fire hazard reasons. Consumers can now get a full refund or replacement in the affected brands.

The so-called Hoverboards became popular last year, especially around the holidays and in social media.  Customers of the scooter might need to ask companies for a refund, or face the explosion of the device. Ten brands that sold the bike between June 2015 and May 2016 have asked consumers to stop using the product and to consider asking for a refund or replacement.

Since 99 cases have been presented, in which the scooter overheats and explodes, the company isn't taking any chances. Image Credit: Inverse
Since 99 cases have been presented, in which the scooter overheats and explodes, the company isn’t taking any chances. Image Credit: Inverse

According to recent statements, the main problem is in the lithium-ion battery packs, that don’t work well under heat making them light up on fire, explode or start to emit smoke.  According to the CPSC, some consumers have complained about burn injuries and property harm.

“All of the hoverboard models included in this recall were made with fundamental design flaws that put people at real risk. They were made and sold without a safety standard in place,” said CPSC Chairman, Elliot Kaye, to the Washington Post.


Ten brands are emitting a recall

The CPSC started investigating the situation back in December when the first cases of hoverboards catching fire began to show.  The case even made large retailers such as Target Corporation, or stopped selling the objects during the holiday season.

According to recent reports, the models sold during June 2015 and May 2016, didn’t meet safety standards concerning the lithium battery integrated into the device.  The electrical system of the scooter is easy to catch fire, occasioning overheating, smoking, catching fire and sparking.

The 500,000 devices being recalled were sold, the majority, during the holiday season from $350 to $900 in both local stores and online stores. According to CPSC reports, 267,000 models being recalled are manufactured by Swagway LLC.

Especially the Swagway X1 model, that was sold at, Target, and large retailers. After the first complaints the company started to manufacture a new product called Swagtron, that met CPSC standards.

Swagway is asking customers to deliver their existing model to change the battery pack, which hasn’t been approved or acquiring a $200 credit to obtain the Swagtron. Other manufacturers include Kennford Ltd, with 84,000 units, Hoverboard LLC with 70,000 Powerboards, Razor USA LLC  and with 28,00 Hovertrax models.

Source: BBC News