Actress Renée Zellweger is facing criticism after the trailer for her new romantic comedy emerged. Film critic Owen Gleiberman issued an article criticizing the actress appearance claiming she “doesn’t look like herself.” After the article was published, Hollywood answered.

Zellweger’s new film Bridget Jones’s Baby has caused several emotions on Hollywood, being the sequel of a great franchise, that not only gave Zellweger her rise to stardom but became a part of Hollywood’s popular culture.

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Almost a decade after the last Bridget Jones’s movie came out, Renée Zellweger offers Hollywood a look to what Jones’s life looks in present days. It includes new adventures, romances, confusion and a baby.

Despite the excitement of not only having a new Bridget Jones’s movie but having a new Renée Zellweger movie after she came out of her “Hollywood break,” critics have been pretty harsh on the actress looks.

Zellweger faced plastic surgery rumors back in 2014 when the tabloids and Hollywood critics were claiming the actress have had a little “Nip & Tuck” on her face. A week ago, Owen Gleiberman, a film critic, and writer for Variety sparkled back those rumors.

Gleiberman, issued a Variety article on June 30, under the title “Renée Zellweger: If she no longer looks like herself, has she become a different actress?” In the written article, the film critic claims the actress doesn’t love herself for having plastic surgery.

“When you see someone who no longer looks like who they are, it’s not necessarily the result of bad cosmetic surgery: It’s the result of a decision, an ideology, a rejection of the self,” wrote Gleiberman in the Variety article.

The critic claims that when he saw the trailer for Zellweger’s new film, he didn’t recognize her and thought “She doesn’t look like Bridget Jones.” Gleiberman goes on to explain how he has observed the change on Zellweger’s face and how sad it is, as she changed her ‘ordinary girl’ look for a Hollywood-accepted one.

Gleiberman explains, that the catch of the Bridget Jones franchise and Renee Zellweger’s career, was her non-Hollywood looks and how she no longer looks like herself. The critic goes further into Hollywood culture and the need to change the self.

“I hope it turns out to be a movie about a gloriously ordinary person rather than someone who looks like she no longer wants to be who she is,” the critic wrote in the article.

Hollywood responds

It is more than expected to have a great response to Gleiberman’s harsh written piece, yet Hollywood actors and actresses have answered to the article in a gigantic way. Most claim the critic was misogynous, harsh and sexist.

Social activist and former Charmed actress, Rose Mcgowan, even wrote her own article and published it on The Hollywood Reporter writing tough comments to Gleiberman and claiming he “is what’s wrong with popular culture.”

Mcgowan defended Zellweger by writing she is a human being, with feelings and struggles just like anyone else and doesn’t deserve the critic’s judgments. The social media Twitter also exploded with comments about the article.

Many Hollywood figures answered to the written piece

Renee Zellweger herself hasn’t answered nor the article or fellow actors responses.

Source: Telegraph