Oakland Realtor Jamell Tousant recently discussed the benefits of pursuing a career in real estate.

Realtor Jamell Tousant Explains the Benefits of Real Estate as a Career Choice

Changing careers is a significant decision that can transform your life. Realtor Jamell Tousant believes real estate is a career that improves lives. He recently discussed several benefits of pursuing a career in real estate, whether you’re fresh out of schooling or making a career change later in life.

It’s an Industry Poised for Growth

Real estate markets fluctuate, and no matter where you are, there’s likely a booming real estate industry nearby. That means growth opportunities are never out of reach.

The world is also becoming more populated every day. That means that, over time, more and more people seek housing, storefronts, and another residential and commercial real estate. Realtors willing to stick with the job through its ups and downs are likely to come out on top.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

Jamell Tousant explained that many real estate agents are independent contractors. That means they can decide the level of workload they want to take on, which hours they prefer to work, and which opportunities are top priorities.

Real estate agents often put in long hours, but those hours can often work around other life obligations. For parents, a career in real estate offers more opportunities to be present during kids’ athletic events, school outings, and more.

It’s a Rewarding Occupation

Realtors are present when their clients reach major life milestones, like purchasing their first home or upgrading for a growing family. Realtors often play the roles of mentors, life coaches, and counselors, helping their clients make the smartest decisions for their families, their futures, and their wallets.

Every Work Day Is Different

Office jobs can feel monotonous because employees often know the exact tasks they’ll perform each day. For realtors, every day on the job is entirely new and different.

Jamell Tousant revealed that a realtor might show multiple homes to a client one day, then help another client close a deal the next. A day in the office is often followed by a day in the field, creating enough variance that the job never feels boring.

You Can Start Now

Tousant explained that one of the major draws of the real estate industry is that it doesn’t require extensive schooling or deep pockets to start.

Requirements vary by state, but the process typically involves taking standard real estate courses, undergoing a background check, and passing the real estate exam. It’s a process that only takes months instead of years.

About Tousant

Jamell Tousant is an experienced and licensed realtor in Oakland, East Bay, and Alameda, California. He is known throughout the region for his honesty, steadfast ethics, and unrivaled ability to get the job done.

Tousant enjoys tackling all areas of the real estate business, from helping clients find their dream vacation homes to closing deals on entire condo complexes. He has been a realtor in the Bay Area since 2001 and encourages anyone looking for a career change to give real estate a shot.