ATLANTA – Trentavious White, better known as Bankroll Fresh, was killed in a shooting on Friday at a studio in northwest Atlanta. The 28-year-old was shot inside of the recording studio and died later at near hospital. Motives or suspects are still unknown.

More than 50 shell casings were found inside and outside Street Execs Studios, the home base for famous rappers like 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, and others. No one else was injured from the shooting, according to the Rolling Stone.

“Shortly after units arrived, it was learned that at least one victim was shot and was transported away from the scene in an unknown vehicle,” the local police said.

Photo: Hip Hop Weekly
Photo: Hip Hop Weekly

Neighbors from the studio commented that they have had concerns about the recording place since it opened in their community, according to FOX Atlanta. One particular neighbor complained to the media about loud music late into the night and the increased crime in the area, that he believes is due to the recording studio.

The neighborhood association have reached the studio’s owner and expressed several times their concerns about the worrying situation, but only promises were made about the improvement in security, according to the concerned neighbor.

White, an on and off rapper, released his breakout 2014 mixtape Life of a Hot Boy. In 2015, Life of a Hot Boy 2: Real Trapper and his self-titled mixtape Bankroll fresh were available to the public and later that same year he featured an appearance with 2 Chainz in “Take Over Your Trap”.

Remembering the “Hot Boy”

After the word got out about White’s death, many big names in the rap community shared their condolences to the family while expressing their sorrow on Twitter. The Hot Boy collaborator, 2 Chainz, expressed his affection to the deceased and considered himself as a fan.

Lil Wayne also tweeted and commented that the rap community has lost a good one while offering their condolences to the family. Later, in a series of Instagram photos, T.I. paid tribute to Bankroll Fresh. He said that even though he knows death is a part of life, it seems unfair to take somebody’s life before they reach their potential and change their life.

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine