New YorkFiftyThree, Inc. today launched what they have called the biggest update in app’s history with the 3.0 version of Paper, a program that allows you to collect ideas in the way you want, whether it is notes, photos or sketches. All in one drop-dead gorgeous interface, now available for iPhone for free.

FiftyThree knows that ideas come at any seconds, in forms of photos, checklists, screenshots or sketches you want to save and remember, whatever the idea, and whatever the moment. Now Paper decides to make the creative process more accessible by offering its tools for the iPhone software.

Credit: Amy Cao

“Positioned to turn the design world on its head” according to USA Today.

Designed as the ultimate note-taking app it allows everything to be customized with just one single swipe between its three main functions according to FiftyThree:


A breakthrough simple way to take notes with touch. Swipe right to create checklists, left to create titles. Put a little fun in getting stuff done.


Draw on photos or quickly spotlight details. Designed from the ground up to save you from sending a bunch of increasingly impatient text messages.


Create sharp diagrams, charts, and drawings with Paper’s world-class tools. Nobody has to know you’re not at your desk.

The app also features the possibility of creating fast lists, bullet points, or headlines with a swipe, a new filter that let users spotlight the area in photos and screenshots that they want to call the attention to – as well as tools to make sketches, diagrams and graphs. Completed ideas can be exported to PowerPoint to instantly create presentations, stored on Dropbox or other clouds in PDF format, stored on the Keynote app, or shared on social media.

It changes the typical “Journal” experience and now allows you to create “Spaces” to organize your creations and ideas, name them and customize with a cover image.


The company has created along a Bluetooth stylus, compatible with Paper on iPad and iPhone that makes it easier to sketch and select stuff in the app, than it would be with the finger. The tool is called Pencil and it is available at FiftyThree’s website for purchases.

Besides the existing hundreds of thousands of already existing note-taking apps available, Paper claims to be different. It is the ultimate combination of notes and images with a refreshing feeling and it may be just the beginning as we hope for a future version available for Android users.

Source: FiftyThree