Often when we think of carjacking we think of thugs, not bugs. Bugs, however, can have a very damaging effect on your vehicle’s paint job. You may have spent thousands of dollars on your truck’s maintenance and paint job. Are you going to let that be ruined by a bunch of insects? Despite the fact that bugs are everywhere, there is plenty you can do to fight off these mini carjackers.

Protecting Your Truck From Bug Thugs
Guillaume de Germain

What’s the Big Deal?

If you are thinking that bugs aren’t that big of a threat to your vehicle, think again. The coating of paint on your vehicle is actually quite thin and therefore is vulnerable. Most manufacturers apply a vehicle’s finish in three layers. There is a layer of primer, a layer of colored paint, and then there might be a layer of untinted paint. This is often referred to as a clear coat. This final coat protects the color.

Your vehicle is constantly being exposed to harmful things such as UV rays and the elements. In general, the first two layers are thin. The clear coat is often thicker. It is made thicker for the express reason of protecting the two bottom layers. But even this clear coat is still pretty thin. The clear coat protective layer is actually so thin that bugs and bug splatter can present a real threat to it.

How Do Bugs Damage My Vehicle?

The problem lies in the fact that an average bug, be it a housefly, love bug, or another insect is thirty times thicker than your protective layer of clear coat. When bugs splat into your vehicle, they are moving quickly and they hit with impact. Now, you might be tempted to think that the bug splats, big deal. It’s not heavy enough to chip off the paint. Although that is true, there is another way that bugs threaten your paint job.

What is left behind after the bug splats? Bug splatter. Bug splatter is much more than simply bug guts, too. Bug splatter contains all of the substance contained inside the bug and this mixture can be highly acidic. Bug splatter also becomes more acidic the longer it is exposed to sun and air. So that means that the longer you allow bug splatter to sit on your vehicle, the more damage it is doing.

The best way to prevent bugs from becoming carjacking thugs is to use the right type of prevention on your truck. Having your truck professionally waxed will help to provide an additional protective layer. You should also keep your vehicle clean so that bug splatter is removed quickly. In addition to this, you can also invest in truck covers which can ensure that your vehicle is safe from bugs and other debris while parked at home.