As some may or may not relate to yet, homes are becoming more and more cyber-aware beyond traditional PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and Smart TVs.

Protect Your Cyber Home Today

The proliferation of cyber homes, also known as the IoT revolution, changes how we interact with our homes.

Static traditional ‘unintelligent’ home appliances are evolving into dynamic intelligent sensor-based appliances. These appliances will likely prove to be more and more sophisticated very soon.

Demystifying Cyberspace

Cyberspace is a shapeless grand entity that is impossible to fully grasp by the average person. Some of the most accomplished thought leaders and some of the richest technology AI-based inventors and business moguls are faced with the impossibility of fathoming Cyberspace.

It can be compared to trying to grasp the universe entirely. A growing list of terms such as end-to-end encryption and the dark web prompt many to demystify Cyberspace.

The IoT Home or Cyber Home is also a domain that is largely overlooked, and even more so when it pertains to the understanding and even awareness of its correlation to cyber security and cyber privacy.

Cyber Smart Coffee

Coffee machines will probably be able to fine-tune coffee flavor and strengths preferences in unprecedented detail, including even interacting with the coffee lover every morning to help improve their coffee experience.

Cyber Smart Fridge

Smart fridges are getting smarter, really sleek, and cool, with major players such as Samsung leading the way.

Let’s go over some cool features smart fridges are boasting:

  • Family Board – Family moments and updates can be shared.
  • Calendar View – It seems especially useful in the morning when getting that jug of OJ and contextualizing your day while that fresh pot of coffee is brewing.
  • Whiteboard – Let your creativity flow out and be witnessed by the rest of the family and guests.
  • Built-In Smart TV – View content from your favorite video streaming apps such as YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix while you cook.
  • Music – Enjoy some of your favorite streaming music services while you cook, clean, and even eat.
  • Meal Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Smart Home Monitoring – This can be controlled via voice or touch screen.
  • AI-Powered Cooking Assistant
  • Fridge Phone Calls- Accept phone calls and make calls by connecting your smartphone to your smart fridge via Bluetooth
  • Flexible Storage – More independently controlled compartments for optimal use and benefit.

The opportunity for advancement and innovation with the Cyber IoT revolution appears infinite from voice commands, coupled with AI ML and facial coupled with emotion recognition.

A Cyber Home Reality Check

Let’s sober up from all this exuberance; although rationale and justifiable, we must not forget that all these devices are exposing our space at home to Cyberspace; in other words, Cyberspace is in our home more than ever. This means that more microphones and cameras are potentially exposing us to the outside world.

Cyber Security & Your Home

Precisely because of how fantastic and exciting the cyber home is, we need to remember that not only does it expose us to the “outside” world more than before, it exposes more lenses and microphones in our homes, and so that that is why we need a place in solid firewalls, anti-malware protection across all devices, VPN at the device and router level and engage is more cyber education-related activities.