After the death of the pop superstar Prince, his siblings had to dive into court a few days after his passing was announced, given the absence of a will.

Superstar Prince passed away on April 21 and since then, his siblings are facing legal requirements in the division of his fortune estimated at $300 billion, given the fact the star left no children nor partner.

Prince siblings had to dive into court a few days after his passing was announced, to distribute his fortune given the absence of a will. Credit: Boston Herald

The National Association, Bremer Trust was appointed as the temporary special administrator of the singer’s estate and tributes, while the bank and the law search for the star’s will.

Prince’s siblings facing court to divide the fortune

On Monday, Prince’s siblings attended the first hearing at Carver County probate, which was full of media correspondents and reporters, seeking to find answers on the star’s fortune and estate.

Prince had one sister Tyka Nelson and six half-siblings that include John Nelson, Lorraine Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Alfred Jackson, Omarr Baker and Lorna Nelson who passed away in 2006.

All of the siblings except for John Nelson have signed an agreement with the bank to give permission to Bremer Trust to guard their brother’s estate.

Tyka Nelson is Prince’s only full sibling and is 55 years old, she was born two years after Prince to their mother Mattie Della Shaw and father John L. Nelson, the couple divorced while the siblings were still young.

Prince has apparently been most close to Tyka Nelson that to any other of the siblings. With a past of drug addiction, Tyka has admitted to crack and cocaine consumption as well as prostitution to maintain her kids.

Tyka, like her brother, followed the music path, being in the industry since 1988 with the latest record in 2011. Her brother helped her with her addiction problem with rehab and support.

Alfred Jackson shares a mother with both Tyka Nelson and Prince, he is a Vietnam veteran, according to an interview Jackson made with Entertainment Tonight he hadn’t talked to the superstar in almost 15 years.

The Nelson siblings are part of Prince’s father one of them, Sharon Nelson, tried a musical career in New York City.

For the moment, the star’s estate is estimated at $300 billion dollars, but the numbers are uncertain given the fact that Prince had large amounts of never-before-seen records and music videos that could mean a bigger estimate.

“The real unknowns are what is unreleased, and can it be exploited for big money? Is Prince big enough to be exploited in death the way Michael Jackson was?” said Howard E. King, entertainment lawyer that represented Prince, to the New York Post.

Other claims of the estate have been made for alleged “love childs” that will have to be investigated by the judge to really determine who are the correct heirs of the fortune.

Source: NY Times