Two emergency landings have been reported at the Philadelphia International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the reason of the landings.

Philadelphia served as an emergency landing facility when two flights were forced to make emergency landings, both of the planes arrived at the airport as a preventive measure and there are no injuries or affected passengers.

A passenger shot this photo after he was evacuated from an American Airlines plane. Credit: Damon Dossett

Investigations are being held at the Philadelphia International Airport

The first emergency landing was made by a passenger a little after 8 a.m. on the Philadelphia International Airport, crew members reported smoke in the cabin and in the cockpit.

The American Eagle flight 4801 departed from the Richmond International Airport in Virginia after the report was made passengers and crew members evacuated the plane into Philadelphia.

Since it was a preventing measure passenger were able to leave the plane without the use of evacuating slides, medical personnel evaluated everyone on the plane, one passenger was evaluated for smoke inhalation as a preventive measure.

Victoria Lupica, an American Airlines spokeswoman said  the flight 4801 was operated by Piedmont Airlines and after the smoke was reported the plane landed safely at 8:15 a.m local time.

“All passengers and crew members were evacuated shortly after landing. One passenger was evacuated by medical personnel and released at the airport. We’re taking care of our passengers and crew and will re-accommodate them on other connecting flights.” Said Lupica in a press release.

An investigation is being held to determine the cause of the smoke

A Republic Airlines 4518 plane, the subsidiary of American Airlines as well reported steering problems in its route from Toronto Canada to Philadelphia. The plane landed and driven to the tower gate. No injuries have been reported on the passengers nor the crew members.

The Philadelphia International Airport stopped its functions for a time to investigate both of the planes but continued with daily activities as usual, shortly after the planes landed.

Source: Philly