The oil and gas industry continues to be an extremely important one as it helps to ensure that all individuals and organizations have access to the energy that they need. For the industry to operate safely and efficiently, it relies on the contributions of many skilled professionals in the field. One individual that has continued to provide great support to this industry is Naga Kiran Potluri. Over the course of his career, he has contributed in a variety of different ways while working for one of the top consulting firms in the industry.

Petroleum Engineer Naga Kiran Potluri Continues Impactful Career in Oil and Gas Industry

Naga Kiran Potluri Starts Career By Getting Great Education in the Field

Receiving a full proper education is critical to be successful in this industry. Part of the reason for Naga Kiran Potluri’s success is that he received great leadership and education early on. He has a very impressive educational resume that includes graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Technology in India in 2001. He later received a full master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas in Austin, TX.

Career With DeGolyer and MacNaughton

After finishing his master’s degree with the University of Texas, Naga Kiran Potluri spent some time working for Seismic Microtechnology in Texas. He later joined the prestigious engineering firm DeGolyer and MacNaughton. He initially was brought in to be a specialist in the reservoir simulation group and has continued to take on more responsibility and leadership. Today, he continues to act as a Vice President of the firm.

Provided Simulation Support for Projects All Over the Globe

The role of simulations in the oil and gas industry is very important as it helps to predict effective ways to maximize oil recovery. Naga Kiran Potluri has provided these simulation services in countries all over the globe. Some places where he has worked on these projects including those in North Africa, Siberia, South America, China, and India. These simulation assessments have been used by clients to make informed decisions about how to move safely and efficiently move forward with various projects all over the globe.

Experienced and Active in Industry Professional Organizations

While Naga Kiran Potluri has continued to have a successful career in this field, he has also found ways to stay current with the professional organizations in his industry. He maintains a full license as a registered petroleum engineer in the state of Texas. Potluri is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, which is a premier professional organization for people employed in the industry.

For the oil and gas industry to continue to explore and extract oil and natural gas, it relies on the experience of professionals that are in the industry. Naga Potluri continues to have a successful career in this industry and has worked on many interesting projects across the globe.