The past weekend marked the first anniversary for Periscope, the mobile streaming service owned by Twitter, which reached over 200 million broadcasts in its network in only a year. Amazingly enough for the streaming service, Periscope has shown how rapidly an app can grow in today’s market if they got what it takes to entertain audiences, and let them entertain themselves.

The streaming app Periscope is available for both Android and iOS devices and is set to provide users with a high-quality video streaming service. Periscope was acquired by Twitter over a year ago and re-launched exactly a year from the past weekend. Celebration is in order as the Periscope app not only reached over 200 million broadcasts in a year but over half of them were created since January 2016.

Photo credit: Bandt
The past weekend marked the first anniversary for Periscope, the mobile streaming service owned by Twitter. Photo credit: Bandt

That signifies over 30 million broadcasts being streamed each month, a pretty sizeable achievement for Periscope. Nevertheless, Periscope’s success could be due to the lack of competitors in the video streaming apps’ world. Even though the streaming service company owned by Twitter has won the field against similar apps such as Meerkat for instance, there’s no telling what will happen when big companies start venturing into streaming apps.

If users will stay faithful to Periscope after renowned companies develop similar apps like the one responsible for over 200 million broadcasts in a year, remains unclear as of now. It’s safe to assume that big companies such as Facebook and YouTube will not be left behind regarding the video-streaming marketplace. And as social media companies often do, Facebook and YouTube will surely add new features to its video streaming apps in order to stand out from its competitors.

That, along with massive promotion thanks to both companies’ capacity of advertising in their own apps, poses a threat for Periscope in the near future. Periscope nonetheless, has already prepared a backup plan for when the time comes to defend their ground in the streaming app marketplace.

Year’s worth of videos being watched per day in Periscope

It’s amazing for Periscope to report over 40 years worth of video content being watched per day by its ten million users worldwide. So Periscope may not have many reasons to fear their next competitors as it has proven to offer the most popular streaming app on the market. And popularity is all that matters nowadays when it comes to social media, because if a person’s friends are not using the app, the person won’t use it either.

Nevertheless, the live-streaming market is only going one way, up, and this would make it harder for Periscope to remain as the leader company in the market after company giants including YouTube and Facebook release their streaming apps.

For now, Periscope has only celebrations ahead for its first anniversary, that comes with astounding reports from app users across the globe. Periscope thanked its users for a wonderful first year and took a glimpse in hindsight to see how far the company has come.

The company duly appreciated all Periscope users who joined the streaming app since its beginnings and thanked all for making Periscope a vibrant global community, according to the blog post from Periscope.

Source: The Monitor Daily