With only one year in the market, Pebble has released a new and exciting update to its Pebble Health app for Android and iOS.

Besides automatically recording people’s jogging sessions, users can now review graphs and personal trends. Users are now able have a deeper level of understanding about their fitness progress and habits.

Pebble Smartwatch
Through the Pebble Health graphs people will be able to see how many calories they burn and how many steps have they taken. Image Credit: The Week

What’s new on Pebble Time

One of the newer features allows people to message replies through the smart watch. So they can send predetermined text messages without having to reach their smartphones. This feature was already available on Android but now it has been updated to also be on iOS. You can also choose to reply to phone calls through a text message, but this is only available if you have a compatible mobile service carrier.

Through the Pebble Health graphs people will be able to see how many calories they burn and how many steps have they taken. In addition to knowing how much do users rest and how much do they spend working out. All of these and other inputs of data are recorded and diverted into a series of trends and achievements.

So users can review them and check their progress. Whenever you complete a jogging session, the Pebble Health app will send a notification to your Pebble Watch, which allows you to open a summary so you can see the specifics of your fitness activities.

Another of the newer features of Pebble is that it is able to set Smart Alarms through Pebble’s Alarms app. These alarms register users’ sleep parameters and are able to wake them up 30 minutes before the estimated wake up time. Therefore allowing for optimal alertness, without feeling groggy or sleepy.

To enjoy the latest features of your Pebble Health app, users must update your smart watch’s firmware to 3.12 or higher. To do so, customers must select Menu, Support and then Update Your Pebble.

The Pebble Time Smartwatch costs around $110. It is a very useful gadget through which people can review their events, text messages, emails and much more. It is water resistant and it has a very useful microphone that lets you record voice messages. There are many apps available on the Pebble App Store, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail and Hangouts. It is USB-chargeable and it has a color e-paper screen so you can use it clearly even when there is bright sunlight.

Source: Pebble’s Blog