COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The suspected Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic shooter, who admitted killing three people last November got another round in court. The self-proclaimed ‘warrior for the babies’ is back in court on Tuesday to continue a hearing on his mental health.

A psychologist who examined the 57-year-old man was scheduled to testify and say whether the man is mentally competent to understand the criminal proceedings. The testimony is necessary to continue with his case, according to The Washington Post.

Warrior for the babies pleads guilty
If El Paso County judge Gilbert Martinez agrees with the psychologists, the case would be put on hold, while Robert Dear is treated at a psychiatric hospital. Image Credit: Denver Post

Robert Dear faces charges in 179 counts, including first degree murder, attempted murder and assault in the Nov. 27 shootings at the clinic. It’s worth mentioning the shooting left three people dead and nine injured.

The hearing started on April 28 with Jackie Grimmett and B. Thomas Gray. Both are state psychologists who testified the man was delusional or mentally unable to understand his criminal case and help in his own defense.

“If you find me incompetent, I’ll know you’re with them”, Dear told the judge as the proceeding wore on, The Washington Post reported.

If El Paso County judge Gilbert Martinez agrees with the psychologists, the case would be put on hold while Dear is treated at a psychiatric hospital. So mental health experts can help restore his mental competency. Prosecutors are yet to declare whether they have plans to seek the death penalty if Dear were convicted.

Unusual attack from the shooter 

Dear marked the first fatal assault on an American abortion provider since 2009. The man insisted on firing his attorney and Martinez ordered his mental examination in December.

A police detective described the man telling police that he thought 10 federal agents had been following him the day of the shooting. Dear surrendered after a siege at the Planned Parenthood center and has since been held without bond, according to the report by The Washington Post.

Police said he first opened fire outside the clinic before storming inside. A police officer, a mother of two and a U.S. Army veteran were killed at the shooting in the clinic’s waiting area.

Source: Washington Post