Emma Stone announced her engagement mid-December to Dave McCary, an SNL segment producer. The couple posted the congratulatory news on Instagram and debuted the sparkler there with a cute selfie. Stone and McCary met in 2016 after Stone hosted Saturday Night Live and have since kept a mostly low profile relationship. Stone debuted the new ring attending a Saturday Night Live party this past weekend, pairing the ring with a navy coat, a white mini skirt, and a black turtleneck. Although many have not heard of McCary, the newly announced engagement isn’t the only thing making headlines– it’s the unexpected beautiful pearl ring he proposed with instead!

Pearl-Obsessed: How Emma Stone's New Engagement Ring Is Changing the Game

The stunning sparkler was designed in Japan, featuring an 8mm Akoya pearl instead of a traditional diamond. The stunning untreated pearl ring is surrounded by small diamonds and set on a solid 18k gold band. The large pearl engagement ring may come to no surprise to those following ring trends. Diamond and pearl engagement rings are just some of the latest trends to overshadow traditional rings. Many people– mostly millennials– are turning towards non-traditional engagement rings to pop the question. While a classic diamond sparkler will always be in favor, unexpected rings like pearl accents or colored diamonds have been on the rise.

While there are always many things to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring, millennials have been changing the game when it comes to shopping for the perfect sparkler. Non-traditional engagement rings– mainly colored gemstones and pearls– have made quite the splash. In fact, according to recent studies, one in five adults would prefer a non-traditional ring featuring a sapphire, colored gemstone, or pearl. Celebrities like Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson, and Penelope Cruz have all been on board for non-traditional rings, each choosing rings featuring gemstones.

There are a couple of reasons why millennial buyers have been gravitating towards gems other than diamonds recently. Millennials are consumers of luxury; they want luxury fine jewelry but are more into the unconventional than the past generations. Simply put, pearls, sapphires, and other gemstones have been popular in fashion trends lately. Brides want that uniqueness factor, both in fashion and in engagement ring choices, which leads to the rise of non-traditional engagement rings. Couples are turning not only to an alternative to diamonds but also to art deco-inspired cuts, two-tone styles, multiple gem rings, and eclectic combinations of all the above. This allows the wearer to put a little bit more personality into their ring.

Millennials are also one of the most eco-conscious generations when it comes to buying patterns. With the controversy of blood diamonds, it’s not surprising buyers are discounting practices that don’t align with their values. As a result, millennials are turning away from mass-produced rings and lab-grown diamonds in favor of something that is a little more unique and ethical. Gemstones and pearls give them the luxury jewelry they are looking for without the controversies of a diamond.

Whether they are influenced by fashion trends, conscious buying, or the idea of a non-conventional ring, more and more people are turning towards pearls to complete their engagement ring.

You can shop Stone’s exact engagement ring from popular NYC based jeweler Catbird for $4,780.