Hernandez’s friend, Ernest Wallace was convicted of being an accessory to murder. Authorities have determined that Hernandez could not have committed the murder if it wasn’t for Wallace’s help.

Aaron Hernandez is currently under life sentence without the possibility of parole for murdering Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Ernest Wallace convicted of being an accessory to murder
Ernest Wallace, ex-NFL Aaron Hernandez’s friend, was convicted of being an accessory to murder. Credit: Courant.com

Hernandez’s murders repercussions

Odin Lloyd was not the only person to be murdered by Hernandez, as two other victims outside of a Boston nightclub were also murdered by the ex-NFL star on 2012. He has not been tried for this murder case as of yet.

As Wallace was accused of being involved in a “cooperative effort” for murdering Odin Lloyd, he thoroughly denied it. He was convicted by Judge E. Susan Garsh to a period of four to seven years in a state prison as it was announced by Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn. Prosecutors recommended the maximum of seven years for Wallace’s sentence.

Thomas Quinn stated that he was satisfied with the verdict, as there was not enough evidence to prove that both Hernandez and Wallace conspired to kill Odin Lloyd. There is another person involved in the case, as the three men drove to Boston to pick up Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez shot Lloyd six times in a North Attleboro industrial park, where his body was initially found. But, according to the defense, Wallace had no clue that Hernandez wanted to murder Lloyd on that evening. Wallace was known to frequently run errands for Hernandez, as they were close friends, both from Bristol, Connecticut.

The victim, Odin Lloyd, was a football player and a construction worker, who at the time was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancée.

Hernandez is still to undergo trial for the killing of the men at the Boston nightclub. The Suffolk County district attorney is planning the date for the next trial of murder. Aaron Hernandez was also known to have recently signed a $40 million contract, to which many sports celebrities such as ESPN’s SportsCenter host Trey Wingo let out their comments on Twitter:

Source: NBC