American Coast Guard searches for a missing passenger of the Carnival Liberty who might have fallen from overboard.

A 33-year-old woman has been reported missing Friday morning from the cruise ship Carnival Liberty. She has been identified as Samantha Broberg and the cruise officials say that the passenger might have fallen from overboard during night.

Passenger Samantha Broberg fell from Carnival Liberty cruise
Picture of Samantha and husband Karl Broberg. Credit:

 The four-days cruise set sail from Galveston Coast and the incident occurred in the Golf of Mexico.

Broberg is a housewife and mother of four from Arlington, Texas. Family and relatives keep praying for Samantha’s life.

Security videos show Broberg’s fall from overboard

The incident was reported by the cruise line to the US Coast Guard. The cruise ship has stated that since the woman was reported missing, they started an exhaustive research, which included the checking of all surveillance material captured by security cameras. In the announcement given to the Coast Guard’s command center in New Orleans, cruise officials have said that videos show the missing passenger falling from overboard at about 2 a.m in the morning.

“Earlier today, a 33-year-old female guest on the cruise ship Carnival Liberty was reported missing by traveling companions. A ship-wide search was conducted along with a review of the ship’s camera footage,” stated the cruise master.

Source: Fox News