Google manages to appeal people’s interest to its facilities through artistic methods. The company has transformed the data center facades into colorful murals.

Keeping in mind the fact that, every day, the Internet plays a significant role in our lives, Google has decided to get closer to web consumers and those responsible for the accurate service provided by the net, throughout artistic murals painted on the walls of data facilities. To accomplish this, several artists have been invited to print their trail in the buildings where the magic occurs. Up to now, just two data centers have been rebuilt, one in Mayes County, Oklahoma (US) and the other one St. Ghilain in Belgium.

 Data Center Mural Project
The Data Center Mural Project aims to transform Google’s data center facades into colorful murals. Credit: Youtube

Although the external facilities of this important enterprise, for current times, might seem “graceless,” Google’s inside structure might result pretty exciting if we just give it a look.

“Because these buildings typically aren’t much to look at, people usually don’t, and rarely learn about the incredible structures and people who make so much of modern life possible,” stated the Google’s VP data centers, Joe Kava.

The initiative also aims to promote the artistic work of the participants in the project.

On the new outside of the data walls, it is possible to appreciate the “clouds” or mechanisms that compose Google. By using colorful, abstract and brightly compositions, artists have portrayed a very complex world in just a way that people might get an idea of how the multinational organization works.

The idea has been called Data Center Mural Project and it is expected to be expanded to two more data center buildings, such as the one in Dublin and the one in Iowa, with the aim of getting people involved in the data world.

Source: Data Center Murals