HBO presents a Game of Thrones ‘Beginner’s Guide’ narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. The clip was posted on the official GoT YouTube channel and it summarizes the series’ plot in a very Jackson’s fashion for newbies.

The TV channel decided to put Samuel L. Jackson in front of those who are new at Game of Thrones to catch up on the series.

HBO presents a Game of Thrones ‘Beginner's Guide’ narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Photo credit: Gamespot
HBO presents a Game of Thrones ‘Beginner’s Guide’ narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Photo credit: Gamespot

HBO asked the iconic actor to recap the major events that went down over the past six seasons on its blockbuster.

Jackson’s hilarious commentaries recap the main events taking place during the first five seasons and some extracts of the sixth season of the show. During the eight-minute-uncensored video, Jackson tackled distinctive features of the warring factions, ranging from those who are named the most by the audience: the Starks and Lannisters, to the “Mother of Dragons” who cannot call her babies when she needs them.

What has been labeled as a beginner’s guide might be considered for GoT’s fans as an entertaining recap of what turned them into followers in the first place.

The GoT recap video not only sums up what has occurred so far in the series but also exhibits the awesomeness of Jackson as an actor.

The video was posted on the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel as an uncensored Beginner’s Guide. Newbies can easily catch up the whole story while amusing with Jackson’s brilliance.

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is due for release in 2017. HBO has announced that it is possible to have a delay in the launch date of the new season.

Accurate beginner’s guide to GoT

Unlike what one could think about Jackson’s hilarious GoT summary, the actor has been quite accurate and precise when narrating the events. Jackson keeps an almost perfect chronological order of series’ the highlights. Jackson’s beginner’s guide will be the equivalent of a complete description of each of the main bones composing Game of Thrones skeleton.

HBO did it again with this uncensored video recapping show’s major peripeties for those who are not familiar with the Lannisters, Starks or with the demanding customs of the Night’s Watch.

“These motherfuckers are cold, which is why everybody should be worried about this long ass winter coming, but instead, they’re too busy fighting,” referred Jackson to a very typical motto of the show.

Jackson manages to reduce pretty much the entire premise of the show in just four words: “More power, more problems”.

However, even if Jackson tackled the 60-hour show in an eight-minute video, the actor manages to avoid spoiling the show’s best surprise defining moments.

Therefore, those who are waiting to see who will be the one sitting at the Iron’s Throne at the end and those who have no clue about what does “Winter is coming” mean should watch Jackson’s GoT beginner’s guide.

Source: Rolling Stone