Facebook announced the incorporation of Instant Games to their Messenger App. This Tuesday, the social media company introduced this new feature that includes a new way of gaming.

The Instant Games initiative consists of being able to play in HTML5 platforms that are previously developed by game makers. Right now, it is in beta testing but is accessible for the public to try out. It has 17 games that go from classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to Zynga’s recent Words with Friends.

Games are officially becoming part of Messenger. Image Credit: Mashable

About Instant Games

This new function will work on all devices, as it is a cross-platform initiative. You can play on your PC with someone that is using their own mobile. For now, the feature is available in the newer versions of OS and Android devices.

The display of the Instant Games incorporation in the Messenger app will be a special controller that will show you the entire platform and the gaming possibilities you have.

Also, you can play with a big amount of participants and keep score according to the game you are using. Most of the games are very easy and quick to play so that any person could try them all in one day.

On the other hand, for mobile devices, the controlling mechanics aren’t as good as in PC. In games like Pac-Man and Arkanoid, the gameplay is very challenging and to succeed inside even more.

Instant Games has been launched in over 30 countries and already has working relations with other video game developing companies like Konami, Bandai Namco, and Taito.

Facebook gaming

Earlier this year, Facebook launched the basketball shoot-out game available in Messenger, and even to the company the outcome was impressive. The game was played about 1.2 billion times by Facebook users. In that opportunity, it was a clear field-testing but right know, more games are going all in, according to Leo Olebe, Facebook’s director of games partnerships.

“People have put games inside of messaging platforms before. Facebook has not. And it’s really exciting for us to do it in a way that can engage people on the Messenger platform,” Olebe told to Business Insider in an interview this Tuesday.

In 2008, Facebook was the clear leader in social gaming. Because of its popularity, they managed to collect a quarter-billion dollars in the tax that came from the game purchases. The games were addictive and that produced an enormous base of users that even continues playing the games.

Around 15 percent of the time that people is inside Facebook, they are playing the games the company offers. However, after the mobile phones started to dominate the market, the traditional 2008 gaming was left behind.

HTML5 is the difference

Back in 2011, Facebook tried to launch a similar mechanism called ‘Project Spartan’ but it failed immediately. In that opportunity, the main problem was the lack of capacity to compete with other downloadable games, because of the low quality of the games that were offered.

However, the developers have managed to get into the HTML5 technology much better graphics and optimized gameplays that could resemble games available in Google Play or the App Store. Of course, high-demanding games like Infinity Blade are not going to be playable in Messenger, but the simple classics are the perfect example of what Instant Games is offering.

A study conducted by the Game Network showed why is Facebook right regarding this innovations. According to the statement, people spend 21 minutes per day (2 sessions) in this type of gaming, while spends 33 minutes using native apps. It’s a huge amount of time considering that there is not great variety regarding HTML5 games. At least not right know.

In this beta test situation, some of the games available are Galaga, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Words with Friends, Arkanoid, Endless Lake and EverWing.

Facebook and game-streaming

Since 2008 Facebook has put a lot of effort on gaming experiences, because this effort could translate into profit if well managed. For Leo Olebe, Instant Games represents “a resurgence and an awakening to the opportunity games”.

Nonetheless, HTML5 gaming is not the only objective for this company. Streaming is also in consideration of the social network and even has acted on the matter. Back in June, Facebook let users broadcast their gaming experiences from Blizzard titles like ‘Hearthstone’ and ‘Overwatch’, which represents direct competition to Twitch. Twitch platform streams games from over 1.7 million people across the globe every month.

Another company that is on Facebook´s radar is Valve and their gaming system Steam. For Windows PC, Facebook already presented a rival for Steam called ‘Gameroom’ that even began operations earlier this month. According to Olebe, a lot of developers are looking forward to selling their games on this new platform.

Source: Business Insider