An image of a new female character of the game Overwatch has been leaked from Blizzard HQ. Apparently, her name is Sombra. 

Sombra is described as very mysterious. It is said that she came from the antagonistic group of Los Muertos gang, which appeared for the first time in the Soldier: 76 animated short. She is a great hacker that will likely ally in the future with Reaper and Widowmaker. It is also probable that Sombra will be used for her hacking abilities. What is not known yet is if she will be a hero or a villain. The doubt remains and is driving the game’s users crazy.

Sombra, the new Overwatch character. Photo credit: Perscitia / Reddit / Tech Times
Sombra, the new Overwatch character. Photo credit: Perscitia / Reddit / Tech Times

From the screenshot of the picture leaked – since it was later removed – Sombra could be seen as a beautiful Latina with a stylish purple jacket, with a submachine gun and technologically advanced gloves. Fans guess that maybe her gloves are related to the hacking part of her persona. She is a very famous character that attracts a lot of attention, which obliged her to go underground.

The Halloween event

Apart from this, Halloween costumes for the current characters were also seen. They appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace and are four outfits in total. They will be the following:

  • Mercy will apparently be a witch.
  • Reaper will have a Jack-O-Lantern helmet and will not have his usual skull mask.
  • Junkrat will be a mad scientist known as Dr. Junkenstein.
  • And Roadhog will be Dr. Junkenstein´s monster.

It is unclear if the new character will be premiered for the Halloween event, but fans hope it will. Since the information we have was taken from leaked things, there are no more details about it. Official declarations have not been made, but it seems like the game staff did not plan for this. Hints were seen in the game, maybe to give clues about what was to come. The public has been expecting for this for some time now.

In a video the game director -Jeff Kaplan- released this week, he stated that the team has been working on more heroes to launch and they have been coming great and will be ready for the public in some time. This makes people wonder if Sombra is this prepared hero Kaplan talked about or if there are still more surprises to come.

Source: Gamerant