Mountain View, California – Lior Biran, Software Engineer with Google Drive announced Thursday on the company’s blog the release of 3 new features for its Drive cloud storage product that will help users storing their files easily to better organize them.

“Saving lots of files in Google Drive is a great way to keep them safe. But as you put more and more files there, keeping things organized can be a bit of a challenge. So, here are some recent improvements that will help you more easily put things where they belong,” Biran wrote in the post, introducing the new features which promise will come handy for those users with a large number of documents and need a quick way to sort through them.

Image: Google
Image: Google

Probably, the most useful change is the ability to drag and drop files into folders directly from search using a “move” icon that is now available in the toolbar. This makes it more convenient to move files regardless of where they’re saved. So if you’re using search to find files saved in Drive and want to actually put them in folder so they don’t get lost again, this new tool will make that a lot easier.

The second addition focuses on providing a faster way to add content to My Drive. When previewing files, users will find a new icon that allows you to save that document or photo straight to any folder in My Drive.

The third update also focuses on speed. It will help you when you are already browsing files in Drive the “move” buttons will help you transfer files to different folders right away, you can now drag and drop files into folders.

These new changes, that should be available for all users today, cuts out the step of having to press the menu button to access the “Move” option and more importantly they should help you make a little bit easier to manage Google Drive now account.

Source: Google Drive Blog