Seattle – The Seattle-based start-up Glowforge has begun taking pre-orders of its 3D laser printer this Thursday and have already hit $1 million in sales.

The product is essentially a laser cutter but Glowforge’s printer lets people use raw materials like leather, paper, plastic, fabric, or cardboard and make products with a push of a button. It uses subtractive technology and autofocus to achieve depth and precision, Glowforge creates a number of objects , from lampshades to drone frames, in a matter of minutes.

Credit: Glowforge

Instead of making them from scratch like other 3D printers, this one quickly cuts and engrave the material. Along with smartphone sensors built into the printer, the lasers allow the Wi-Fi-connected device to cut and engrave materials that are curved, uneven, or irregular. Glowforge’s dual cameras also measure the thickness of material to a precision of four one thousandths of an inch.

Glowforge’s CEO Dan Shapiro said he was expecting $1 million to $2 million in sales over the next 30 days but instead the public shocked the company by reaching that goal in less than 24 hours.

“Apparently I’m not very good at forecasting because I was completely shocked,” he told GeekWire.

The printer’s designs are compatible with popular software’s like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or even from drawings from pen and paper, making it easy for everyone to use as it does not require complex CAD software as other similar models.

 “The Glowforge turns everyone into a micro-manufacturer. Things are being created exactly for what’s needed and when they’re needed, domestically, on-the-spot”, said Dan Shapiro in an interview with The Next Web.

Other laser cutters can be sold for prices around $10,000 but for thirty days Glowforge’s  basic laser cutter can be pre-ordered for US$1,995 (roughly £1,310/AUS$2,850), which is 50 percent off. A Pro model with a more powerful laser is available too for twice the price.

Source: Glowforge