California- Ohio might become the fifth and largest state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana if voters decide to vote in favor of Issue 3, which adds an amendment to the state’s constitution to legalizes both personal and medical use of marijuana for those over 21 years.

More than 300,000 valid voter signatures from around the state made possible the ballot’s initiative, which aims firstly to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The ballot also has many celebrities backers supporting this cause and some of them hope that if it has success they will become part of the marijuana business.

Furthermore, if the amendment passes it means that it will be a full-on legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The amendment also stipulates that only ten Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in Ohio will be able to grow and sell marijuana commercially.

A Kent State University poll, commissioned by WKYC in Cleveland, found 56 percent of Ohio voters planned to vote “yes” on Issue 3, which would legalize recreational and medical marijuana, and 54 percent planned to vote for Issue 2, which would make it more difficult to write monopolies and other business rights into the Ohio Constitution and directly challenge Issue 3. Credit:

The campaign

This campaign is a political action and it was made by Responsible Ohio for Cannabis, which is a registered political action committee (PAC), composed of numerous businesswomen, men, doctors and patient advocates, that aim to legalize cannabis for all users in Ohio.

This movement also counted with influential people such as Nick Lachey, former boy band star, ex-husband of Jessica Simpson, and perennial D-list celebrity. He is part of an important company called Verdure GCE LLC.  He launched a 30- second video explaining why was so beneficial and important to legalize cannabis.

The commercial has become viral in Ohio’s television and there, Lachey explains how important is to compromise with this campaign and realize how many positive consequences this may bring to the local economy.

“Ohio is my home. I care very deeply about the people here, which are why I’m very proud to be part of the movement that’s going to create jobs, reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our cities,” said Lachey in the video.

However, this decision remains polemical to some people like Daniel Tokaji, law professor of the Ohio State University, who argued that Issue 3 shouldn’t pass because this might create a “monopoly of marijuana.”

Source: ABC news.