After the FBI announced to be reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email server scandal, Obama pledged his support and confidence to the Democratic candidate, citing her integrity and interest in ensuring a better future for everyone. The election process was stirred after James Comey, head of the FBI, told Congress that new information concerning Clinton’s emails had surfaced, which could determine if Clinton has to account for violation of security standards.

At first, the Department of Justice did not press charges, as Comey indicated that no prosecutor could charge Clinton seeing the evidence at the present time. But since there is new evidence to be reviewed, polls have shaken up the candidates’ resources to close the gaps amid the last week of the presidential election.

Barack Obama
President Barack Obama comes back to the White House after participating in a Hillary Clinton campaign event at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, on November 2, 2016. Image credit: EFE/AUDE GUERRUCCI/POOL.

Clinton’s email nightmare

Seeing that state institutions are acting against Clinton, President Barack Obama went ahead and stated that it is unlawful to operate and draw conclusions based on incomplete information, but rather on actual decisions and statements performed by the parties.

“When this was investigated the last time thoroughly, the conclusion of the FBI, the conclusion of the Justice Department, the conclusion of repeated congressional investigations was that she had made some mistakes. But there wasn’t anything there that was prosecutable,” stated the President of the United States.

Obama calls on voters to support Hillary

The President suggested that black vote incentive could be better for Hillary Clinton, even if he has already called for black voters to support Clinton as she advocates for the same beliefs that Obama holds when it comes to opportunities for minorities. This contrasts with Trump’s stance, where he appears to be a candidate promoting division, even if he assures that many black voters support his candidacy. On North Carolina, for example, Hillary Clinton won 3 out of every four black voters in the primaries.

Obama also emphasized Clinton’s experience in government affairs, accounting for 30 years of binding decisions. This has also been highlighted by Trump, who claims that Clinton did not do anything in those 30 years, although she did lead many social aid projects and served as Secretary of State when Osama Bin Laden was hunted down and killed; but Clinton was also present during the Benghazi attacks, where then-U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA agents were killed.

Trump points out the fact that many military officers support him, including 14 medal of honor recipients. He argues that Clinton is a danger to the U.S.’s military affairs, but Trump also fails to recognize Russia as a threat to the nation’s integrity, seeing that intelligence officials assure that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Headquarters and the leakage of some of Clinton’s emails.

The Justice Department announced that it would not provide further comments about the investigation concerning Clinton’s email server until it is completed, which is expected to be way after voters have attended the booths on November 8. Both parties do not want to leave anything to chance, but seeing that the Democrats have an important lead being reflected in polls, Donald Trump still has a lot to accomplish in just a few days before the election process finally comes to an end.

Source: NPR