Last Thursday, through a web video, President Barack Obama publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton‘s campaign for the presidency.

The video is available on Clinton’s campaign website. Clinton invites her web visitors to sign to her newsletter to pledge their support for her election.

President Obama announced his support for Clinton’s candidacy after he spoke with Democrat runner-up Bernie Sanders in the White House. Obama stated in the video: “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”

Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton. Credit: Observer/Getty Images

A substantial boost to Clinton’s campaign

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is Clinton’s next stop in her campaign, where she will be joined by the President of the United States. The events in Green Bay are to be the first of many until November, although no other events are being scheduled.

The announcement dug up a bitter reaction from Republican candidate Donald Trump:

To which Clinton replied with only three words:

Behind Obama’s support

It seems that, although Sanders and Clinton are to keep competing at primaries, Sanders has suffered a significant decrease in support. Bernie Sanders has previously stated that he will continue to compete in the presidential election primaries in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

It was stated by Sander’s assistants that discussions are going on that aim to include Sander’s proposals on the political agenda if Clinton were to be elected.

President Obama’s support for Hillary Clinton comes from her appointment as secretary of state during his first term. Both had played decisive roles on the assassination of Osama bin Laden, and both ran for the presidency at the same time, eight years ago.

Many election observers believe that Obama’s support will have a significant effect on voters that are part of minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics, as Hillary Clinton (along with the other candidates) has failed to garner a large amount of support on this demographic. Having President Obama on her side may inflate non-white votes while also putting additional pressure on Donald Trump as he is slowly becoming the enraged outsider that nobody seems to like.

Democrats vs. Trump

The Democrats appear to be working against the election of Donald Trump. Electors can expect a new wave of pressure as the date for election approaches since the Democrats have to unmask Trump and bring to the table the unsettling race issues that he has used to fuel his campaign since he began.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is also looking forward to working with Hillary, maybe because Trump dissed her by calling her “Pocahontas” in a press conference, another proof of Trumps irrational behavior that seems to be a catalyst for the more resented population of America’s voters.

Republicans have set some of their goals towards dissolving many of President Obama’s feats, such as Obamacare, the renewal of ties with Cuba and the Iran nuclear deal.

It also appears that it is not a coincidence that President Obama has outlet his support for Clinton, as many audiences have noted the production quality of the video. It was also noticed that Obama was wearing the same blue striped tie he was wearing on Tuesday, which leads to believe that the reveal was planned with certain anticipation in mind,

Source: CNN