GeForce, the main brand of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) of Nvidia Corporation, is the main electronic component of the company linked with the gaming industry. The newest GPU in the GeForce series is the GTX 1070, that will be launched on June 10. The component includes features for Virtual Reality experiences, as well as the latest gaming technology developed by Nvidia. The GTX 1070 is an upgraded version of the GTX 1080, that was released earlier this year.

Among the technical features, we can find Pascal as the GPU Architecture with 8 Gbps of memory speed, which makes this product three times faster than the previous version. An increased frame buffer also makes the GTX the most advanced GPU of Nvidia so far. However, even when the technical specifications are available, the product itself is not. The official web page of the GTX 1070 released a lot of information and a ver complete gallery of the GPU but the product is not available for sale yet.

The newest GPU in the GeForce series is the GTX 1070, that will be launched on June 10. Photo credit:
The newest GPU in the GeForce series is the GTX 1070, that will be launched on June 10. Photo credit:

NVIDIA Corporation is an American company specialized in the design and production of GPUs and other technological components for the gaming and mobile industry. Graphic-chips and other processors for smartphones, game consoles, and tablets made by Nvidia are competing with other major companies like Intel and AMD.

About the GPUs

Actually, the term GPU was popularized by Nvidia Corporation itself, since the creation of the first GeForce. That product was the first chip to be called a Graphic Processing Unit. GPUs are specialized components to manipulate memory and polygons to create graphics that can be seen on a display. The computational function of this component is crucial for the gaming industry since it determines the quality of graphics in the game.

GPU accelerates applications through compute-intensive functions. Platforms that can use GPUs in order to make applications and operations faster includes from tablets to cars and robots. Drones and mobile phones are also using GPUs to improve the final user-experience, but the main industry that requires significantly powerful GPUs is the gaming industry.

The GTX 1070 is among the newest technology in gaming components

GTX 1070 includes new multiprocessors and memory cards that require fewer watts of power. Also, an innovation in this product is its cost. While the GTX Titan X  -another graphic processing unit of high technology- costs around $1,000, the GTX 1070 will be for sale for less than $400.

According to Nvidia, the main goal of this product is to be more than a hardware component but to create a whole platform with modern technology.

“We’re all gamers at Nvidia. We’re trying to deliver products that make our end users happy. We also want to innovate and find the new thing to get our customers excited. We are always adding new features, so the product gets better over time, since we’re consumers of the products ourselves. We use [them] here. That makes it obvious that it’s a good idea to keep improving the product,” said Matt Wuebbling, a spokesman of Nvidia Corporation.

Source: PC Magazine