Nintendo Co., Ltd (NTDOY) plans to lead the way in the mobile game marketplace are going as expected, as the company announced today the release of Miimoto for users in the United States. Miimoto mobile game developed by Nintendo had been already released in Japan earlier this month, yet it will become available for American users to download as soon as Thursday.

Nintendo’s journey into the mobile gaming development shows to be promising due to the company’s previous experience with game designed for portable devices. Miimoto is supported in both Android and iOS devices and the game will provide users with the traditional characters from the Nintendo Wii. The game offers players a whole set of personalization features for their Mii’s as well as custom plug-ins to bring their creation up to the user’s standards.

Nintendo will release to U.S. users its first mobile game, Miimoto, on Thursday, March 31.Credit: Nintendo Life

The trial run for this new mobile game was taken in Asia in order to test Miimoto for any problems users could experience and find bugs that needed fixing. The transition from the GameBoy and Nintendo DS could present Nintendo with some inexperienced challenges up until now, as the game needs to adapt to either Android or iOS platforms.

Instead of developing the mobile gaming system – as Nintendo has done since the creation of the first GameBoy – the game-developing company has now a race to win to become the leading brand in the smartphone gaming market.

Venturing in a competitor’s market

However, other competitors have already started waging in on the race for the leading company in the mobile game-developing marketplace. Sony, for instance, announced its plans to bring PlayStation game titles to both Android and iOS mobile devices last week. Sony Computer Entertainment’s new subdivision company named ForwardWorks has taken upon itself to develop PS4 games for smartphones.

While Sony is venturing from a more familiar background, where people normally gather around the console to play, Nintendo is used to offer a more personal gaming mode. Still, Nintendo seems to have noticed Sony’s attempt to bring PS4 titles to smartphones, and will surely have a plan for the time of its release.

For now, the game developing company is focused on the release of their own game, and how well it ranks among users in the United States, in comparison to those in Japan.

The importance of trial runs

Miimoto had a tremendous impact when it was launched in Japan last week, as the game reached up to 1 million users within the first three days from its debut. Nintendo also plans to add further features to its Miimoto platform, as the game only allows users to interact with each other and customize their Mii’s for the moment. The trial run performed in Japan gave game developers all they needed to know to secure its success after being launched.

Nevertheless, Nintendo seeks to defeat Sony in its own game, as it also plans to bring major titles for Nintendo 64 and current consoles to the mobile gaming market. Another feature worth mentioning is the new rewards program announced by Nintendo on Tuesday.

The service will be called My Nintendo and will allow users to be rewarded points for playing and purchasing digital games. In addition, will also provide users with the ability to trade games, downloadable packages and more.

Fans will now have to wait for Nintendo to comply with its promises, and judging from previous launches from the company, the new releases will surely please fans from the U.S.

Source: Washington Post