This Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted for the designation of the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Hayley, as the Trump’s representative in the United Nations, an organization that the President himself has criticized several times.

Only 4 Senate members voted against the designation of Haley as ambassador, as she was backed by the other 96. Democrats Tom Udall, Chris Coons, and Martin Heinrich voted against as well as independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Nikki Hayley to become Trump’s Administration UN Ambassador. Image credit: Politico
Nikki Hayley to become Trump’s Administration UN Ambassador. Image credit: Politico

“Like many Americans, and many of our allies, I am concerned about President Trump’s erratic statements and positions on foreign policy, and that concern is only deepened by the fact that his nominee to be ambassador to the United Nations has no real diplomatic experience,” Udall said.

Haley, 45, has only held the office in South Carolina, her born state, where she serves as governor since the 2011 election.

During the official press conference after Hayley’s designation, she said that she would make pressure regarding several U.N. reforms, continue with the fight for the human rights worldwide and support international institutions.

According to the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, Hayley is a person who can export the American values and interests abroad, as she is a politician who cares deeply and has an incredible communication performance.

Hayley and Trump

Hayley was one of the many Republican politicians that did not endorse Donald Trump while he was a Presidential candidate, at least at the beginning. He even warned in an interview about the possible hate that could have been spreading through the country after some of Trump’s declarations.

However, Hayley did support Trump in other considerations, like those concerning precisely the current U.N. situation. She even supported Trump’s candidacy a few months before the election.

Many Republicans criticized the international organization regarding the actual use of the funds, as the United States provide the 22 percent of the organization’s budget. Hayley herself stated that she thinks the U.N. is biased against Israel. She also showed full support to Trump’s proposal of relocating the official U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Five countries hold a permanent spot in the United Nations Security Council. Among these, there are U.S. historical rivals, Russia and China, along with allies like the U.K. and France. Hayley won a set of applauses during his first press conference when saying that she would stand up to Russia, as the European country has bombed hospitals in Syria, and should be considered a war crime.

She also said that she hopes to influence Trump concerning the importance that international relations have in the country’s well-being.

Hayley brought a lot of attention back to herself in 2015, as he acted greatly after the killing of nine black churchgoers in Charleston by white supremacists. Hayley, who is a descendant of Indian parents, secured the complete removal of any Confederate Flag in the South Carolina’s capitol areas and grounds.

The actions she took back in 2015 were considered as the first steps toward racial healing in America.

Source: Reuters