Mascots‘ is the most recent work of the famously known comedian, director and writer Christopher Guest who, joined by Netflix, is presenting a mockumentary that showcases the competitive world of sports mascots.

Guest is known for being a pioneer in the mockumentary world and his latest production ‘Mascots’ sets his comeback to the world of comedy since his 2006 parody “For Your Consideration.” The comic was announced by Netflix and Guest at the beginnings of August with the release of the first teaser image and a brief video, showing the majority of Guest’s cast, dressed up in sports mascots outfits.

Christopher Guest's 'Mascots'
Mascots’ movie poster. Image credit: Mascots.

The first trailer for the movie was released, and it gives a wider understanding of the film’s development. Mascots will be a mockumentary set in this ambitious and competitive world,  showcasing a group of furry outfits competing at the World Mascot Association Championships to win the ‘Gold Fluffy’.

A furry competition 

Christopher Guest, who is mostly known for writing and acting in the 1985 film This Is Spinal Tap, is presenting his latest work in a way that is very typical for the director and actor.

‘Mascots’ as most of Guest’s films, is a comedy documentary that follows the lives of a group of sports mascots and their journey while competing against each other and win the desired prize.

Christopher Guest's 'Mascots'
Image credit: Mascots.

“I had spoken with my co-writer Jim Piddock about what we were going to do, and he thought this world of mascots would be interesting to do a real documentary” said the director in an interview with Entertainment Weekly “Well, I don’t know about that, but I certainly know I can do this the way I do it,” explained Guest.

The cast of Mascots is made up by the regular majority of Guest’s repertoire that including Chris O’ Dowd as “The Fist” or the bad-boy of the mascot’s world and Parker Posey as Alvin the Armadillo.

Other members of the cast include Jane Lynch, Fred Willard, Don Lake, Brad Williams, Zach Woods, Susan Yeagley, Sarah Baker, Tom Bennet, Kerry Godliman, Jennifer Coolidge and Guest himself.

Guest’s movies have been characterized by documenting individual communities of people, for example, his directed film “Waiting for Guffman” showed the lives of a community theater production and “A Mighty Wind” told the story of Folk Musicians.

Perhaps Guest’s most iconic film is, to date, This Is Spinal Tap, a movie that was named “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress, showing the lives of the heavy metal British band and mocks the rock and roll world and culture.

Christopher Guest has been considered as one of the first to implement the mockumentary genre in the industry and from which different comedies such as Modern Family and Parks and Recreations have emerged, using the same type of script and scenes.

Mascots will premiere at the London Film Festival in September and will be launched at more select theaters and in Netflix on October 13.

Source: The Independent