Broadcasting service, Netflix, has announced its most recent and most expensive production so far “The Crown,” a short show that tells the story of young Queen Elizabeth and her life as the Queen of England.

On Tuesday, Netflix teased the public with the first full trailer for their new original series and it already has everyone on the Internet talking about it. “The Crown” is so far the company’s most expensive show with a production of $156 million, showing the early stages of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Phillip and their rise as a royal family.

Netflix's The Crown
Claire Foy as the young Queen Elizabeth. Image credit: Netflix.

Netflix’s original series stars Claire Foy as the young Queen Elizabeth. Foy is no stranger to royal drama since she played the role of Anne Boleyn in the series Wolf Hall. Prince Philip is played by Matt Smith, who played Doctor Who.

A royal drama

This is nor the first or the last production that attempts to show the difficulties and scenarios that the royal family has lived. Most recently E! Entertainment released a new teenage show called “The Royals” where young members of the royal family struggle with problems that the public doesn’t know.

However, Netflix’s original series “The Crown” seems promising, especially because the writer/director of the production is Peter Morgan, who in 2005 produced and wrote the movie “The Queen,” a film that gave Helen Mirren an Oscar for her performance.

Netflix's The Crown
Netflix’s The Crown stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, respectively. Image credit: Netflix.

The show starts around 1947, a couple of years before Queen Elizabeth is coronated as Queen of England. The drama will follow Foy’s character trough the process of becoming the country’s monarch.

In the trailer, the essence of Netflix’s new show is shown as well as how the conflict will develop  between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  In a short cameo it’s appreciated when the couple is fighting, and Smith’s character shout: “Are you my wife or my queen,” ending with Foy saying “I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both,”.

Netflix also showed in the trailer just why the budget for the production was so high, the costumes and the entire environment of their original production are centered around the 40’s and the 50’s.

In teasing images and videos it is seen how the show’s production team recreated the Queen’s wedding dress in an almost identical way, as well as Queen’s Elizabeth outfit at the time of her coronation.

Netflix also showed the importance of individual characters in the show, such as Queen Elizabeth’s late sister Princess Margaret, who was known to be her closest friend, played by Vanessa Kirby.  John Lithgow will be taking over the character of Winston Churchill, a predominant role during that time of the Queen’s reign.

Netflix released pictures of the new production that show Foy posing for the royal portrait wearing an almost identical outfit to that of Queen Elizabeth.

“The Crown” will be available on Netflix starting November four and according to the broadcasting service, it will consist of a six-season show with ten episodes per season, showing the different stages of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

Source: Vanity Fair