Waterproof flooring can add value to homes when installed in spaces where water exposure is likely, says National Floors Direct.

National Floors Direct Explains Benefits of Waterproof Flooring for Home and Business Owners

National Floors Direct explains that not all homeowners are likely to think about what happens when an appliance or toilet overflows. A water leak can destroy flooring and may require an emergency flooring replacement. Certain floors will warp when exposed to water, and carpet padding can absorb water, leading to mold growth.

National Floors Direct has over 75 years of experience in the flooring industry. The founders shifted from traditional floor covering showrooms to a wholesale approach in 2005 in order to provide lower pricing to their customers. The company is dedicated to offering only high-value, name-brand, quality flooring at a discounted price for the customer.

National Floors Direct says there are flooring options that are 100% waterproof. Many top waterproof vinyl options also include scratch-resistant surfaces that are ideal for rolling office chairs, pets, and other common wear-and-tear issues.

Waterproof flooring is extremely easy to clean, says the company. Whether homeowners are dealing with mud tracks, food spills, pet accidents, or other messes, it is easy to clean flooring that is fully sealed and protected. Dust mops or brooms can be used for dry messes, and a moist cloth or spin mop can be used to clean wet messes. Like hardwood, waterproof vinyl does not take the complex, specialized care of other flooring options. It also won’t need the kind of special cleaning machine that carpet requires for deep cleaning.

The new styles of waterproof flooring are often padded for more give. Luxury, free-floating flooring is easier on the joints and even offers natural temperature regulation. This makes waterproof vinyl not only practical but comfortable for most spaces. It is crucial to have padded flooring options in areas where someone may spend a lot of time standing (like the kitchen or bathroom).

The flooring experts at National Floors Direct explain that there are many attractive waterproof flooring options that will fit in any space. The on-trend styles of the flooring make it possible to have a durable and cost-effective floor that looks great. Good-looking floors can improve the value of a home.

The installation process for interlocking luxury vinyl doesn’t require glue, nails, or screws. This means putting in the floor is easy and fast when compared to other flooring types. If part of the floor somehow becomes damaged, homeowners can just remove the damaged sections and replace them with new planks.

All of National Floors Direct’s options are verified Healthy Home Certified products that are safe for the home. The company takes the time to verify premium products and source them from reputable manufacturers. With certifications you can trust from industry-leading designers, the top-rated waterproof flooring inventory from National Floors Direct is sure to be an upgrade in the home.

National Floors Direct promises a FREE estimate to help homeowners consider their options and evaluate the project cost. For inventory products that are in stock and on-site, National Floors Direct offers next-day installation without any extra rush fee or hidden costs.