Colorado Springs, Colorado – NASA’s deputy administrator spoke on this week’s Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, where she assured the mission to get astronauts to the red planet is becoming closer with every advance.

Dava Newman, NASA’s deputy administrator took a part in this year’s Space Symposium in where many space entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gather to discuss their visions and advances on space travel.

NASA’s deputy administrator, Dava Newman, stated that the Boots on Mars mission is closer than ever, which aims to sens astronauts to the red planet. Credit: The Guardian

Closer to the red planet

Newman is in charge of promoting the “Journey to Mars’” planned by NASA, the mission will take astronauts to live and settle on the red planet, to understand the environment in a better way. This mission could result in round-trips to the planet by day-to-day citizens in the next 20 years.

The deputy administrator had a sit-down interview with Colorado’s Denver Post in where she assured the “Boots on Mars” mission is getting really close to sending astronauts to mars.

To actually get “Boots on Mars,” the mission needs to take time and complete the right tasks. Newman explained that NASA and participating partners are currently working on solving issues such as radiation exposure, in-space propulsion, fuel depots, life support, landing in planets, and launching of planets.

Deputy administrator Newman has said that NASA is on a good path after 15 years of working on the International Space Station since a great number of experiments and newly-developed technology is getting closer humans to become interplanetary.

Since Newman was in Colorado Springs for this year’s Space Symposium, she continued to explain how Colorado Space companies are also collaborating in the mission to Mars.

Many Colorado companies are currently involved in the Mars project, some of the companies names are the Space Systems in Jefferson County, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, Sierra Nevada Corp, among others.

The Space Symposium & Commercial Space Travel

The Space Symposium is held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and has been celebrated since 1984. Created to bring together space leaders from all parts of the world to get a better understanding of the future of space travel.

The event has increased since its first celebrations and has gathered a big amount of attendants, starting with 250 attendees to 11,000 in the last decade.

During this year’s symposium, commercial space travel was a big discussion. With the passing of years, more and more space entrepreneurs have stated their intentions into expanding human travel to outer space experiences.

One of the most known space entrepreneurs is Jeff Bezos who is also Amazon’s creator. Bezos started a space company called Blue Origins around 15 years ago.

Bezos main focus is to export Earth’s manufacturing to space to limit the impact of production on Earth’s resources, although space travel comes with the company’s targets.

“I want millions of people living and working in space. I want us to be a space-faring civilization,” said Bezos at the Space Symposium.

With all of the upcoming technologies and companies interested in both commercial space travel and space understanding, humans could be getting closer to new planets.

Source: Denver Post