Rebecca Bredow, a Detroit-area mother, could go to jail if she does not vaccinate her children. The mother told WXYZ-TV, a local media, that she is facing a parental battle in an Oakland County Circuit Court, where a judge gave her just one week to vaccinate her 9-year-old son before sending her to prison. There is already an order from the same judge done.

Bredow believes that is her right as a parent to stand up and defend anything she thinks is safe for her child. The mother says she’s ready to face every order the judge sentences on her, even prison.

Image credit; WXYZ / New York Daily News
Image credit; WXYZ / New York Daily News

“I feel angry. I feel backed into a corner. I feel like my rights as a parent have been taken away,” she said.

Bredow, who’s a mother of two, said that she and her ex-husband initially agreed that the child shouldn’t receive any vaccine at that moment. But the time has passed, and the vaccines that almost all scientists believe every person should get in their childhood, have accumulated.

The boy is nine years already, and he seems to lack from some necessary vaccines – which were not told to the media.

“It wasn’t until they started grouping them that I backed off of doing vaccines,” the mother said.

The child’s father says he wants his son to get the vaccines, according to the court documents that were openly given to the media. This makes Bredow wonders “why (does the judge) automatically side with the father that wants the vaccines? What about my choice as a mother?”

The mother, who has only shared her part through the WXYZ-TV’s report and not on court yet, thinks that her words have a tremendous weight because of the role every mother represents.

“What about my choice as the mother who’s the primary caretaker, who solely takes care of my son,” said the Bredow.

Now, it’s the mom’s decision if she’s going to have her child vaccinated before October 11. If she says no, it’s very possible that the judge decides to send her to jail for contempt for violating the court’s ruling. However, it wasn’t told how much time the mother would face in prison if she is sentenced. The judge said that, if he comes to that, he would decide it the same day.

Should parents vaccinate their kids?

The mother is a strong religious-believer who has obtained her knowledge and position against vaccines thanks to some books she has read and research she has made. Rebecca Bredow concluded that waivers were the best way to go, “the best for her little child.”

After all, Michigan still allows a parent to decide whether its children need to be vaccinated or not – no matter if the decision is based on religious, personal or medical knowledge.

Parents should not be concerned about “overloading” their children with vaccines, according to the NHS. Studies have shown that vaccinating kids does not negatively affect the boy’s immune system. In fact, the bacteria and viruses used in the vaccines are weaker than the vast number of bugs a baby comes into contact with every day.

Source: WXYZ