Drew Atchison, a 24-year-old man from Missouri, admitted he killed a couple and then their baby, proceeding to bury them under a pile of trash.

The crime was more complicated than it seems since Mr. Atchison killed the couple first and then came back to kill the baby and dispose of the bodies.

Mr. Atchison is being held without a legal bond since it is still unknown if he has a lawyer in the case, the initial court date is still unknown as well.

A series of cruel events

Family murdered in Missouri, Man kills couple and their baby, Drew Atchison
Police are still working on a motive for the tragedy. Image credit: Getty Images

Harley Million, 24-year-old, argued with Mr. Atchison, according to the Butler and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. The reason for the dispute is still unknown.

Atchison declared to the Butler Sheriff’s Office he stabbed Million  “in a fit of rage,” and then wounded Mr. Million’s wife, Samara Kitts, 23 years old. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office stated Mr. Atchison slit Mr. Million and Ms. Kitts’ throats.

The baby, Willa Million, only 17 month years old, was left by the alleged murderer at the house, locked inside a room with dogs, until the next day. He went home on Million’s truck.

The day after, he came back to the crime scene, destroyed the evidence, at least he thought he had, and took the little girl along with the dead bodies that were inside Mr. Million’s truck, drove to a nearby county forest and shot the baby.

Mr. Atchison got rid of the bodies in the forest, as well as the knife he allegedly used for stabbing them. Then he buried them under blankets and trash, threw the vehicle registration into a nearby river, and left the car under the carport behind his house.

After days of the mysterious disappearance of the couple, court documents stated that the police found blood in a  Chevrolet Silverado, Mr. Million’s truck. Mr. Atchison tried to hide the vehicle by putting tarps over the ends of the car.

Later, the police force showed up to Mr. Million’s house because they received a report of three missing people. They found nothing but signs of a tragedy, which matched the bodies found in the forest, on private property beside Highway JJ and County Road 417, Butler County.

Charges of murder and kidnap

According to a transcription of court documents made by KFVS-TV, it is known that:

“Drew D. Atchison, 24, of Williamsville, was charged with three counts felony murder in the first degree, three counts of felony armed criminal action, felony child kidnapping and felony tampering in the first degree.”

According to Dean Finch, Wayne County Sheriff, the case will be referred to the Attorney General’s Office, and no possible motive is still released. He also stated that Atchison would face the courtroom later this week.

Source: The Washington Post