St. Paul police officials arrested an unidentified woman on Thursday, after apparently spraying flammable liquid onto another female and setting her on fire.

St Paul’s local police officers received an emergency call at 12:30 p.m; officials arrived at Minnesota’s 700-block of Conway Street to find a victim with severe burns on the upper torso of her body.

A woman was set on fire maliciously this week in Minnesota
A woman was set on fire maliciously this week in Minnesota. The perpetrator has been allegedly captured and is awaiting trial. Image Credit: Fox 9 News

Police spokesman Mike Ernster informed another woman had apparently thrown a flammable liquid to the victim’s body, before setting her on fire. The victim was rushed to the Regions Hospital in the city.

Medical officials have confirmed that the victim had suffered from burns, yet they weren’t threatening her life. while a possible subject was taken into custody by police officers.

The investigation of the incident remains ongoing; officials are performing a series of interviews with witnesses and the possible suspect of the case. To determine the relationship between the two implicated women and the actions previous to the attack.

It is yet to be confirmed the flammable liquid that was used by the perpetrator and more in depth details that occurred in the incident.

Crime rates in the state

The St. Paul police department provides a yearly crime analysis to provide its citizens timely and pertinent information about crimes in their home state. Crime report rates are divided in operational and strategic.

In 2015, 88,719 emergency calls were made to the police department, being one of the most difficult years after 2012 when the department received around 98,000 calls.

Minnesota has around 5.48425 million residents, with a total of 137,882 crimes in 2015 with a 1 in 436 chances of becoming a victim in the state, according to official statistics.

Throughout the year a total of 88 murders have been reported, 204 rapes have occurred, nd 3,687 robberies have been committed.

The St. Paul government offers a compensation program for victims of crimes, thanks to the Crime Victims Reparation Board that started in 1974, and provides financial and therapeutical help for those families affected by crimes.

Covering from funeral and burial expenses to medical and mental health bills, child care and financial support is also provided for crime victims.

Source: St. Paul