The romantic comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was released on Friday in the United States. The film directed by Jake Szymanski tells the story of two brothers who need a date to attend their sister’s wedding in Hawaii.

It stars Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Zac Efron, and Adam DeVine. Mike and Dave’s journey begins when family members request them to find a date or stay home. Both brothers publish an announcement on Craigslist and are contacted by all kind of people, including sex workers.

The romantic comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was released on Friday in the United States. Photo credit: Screenrant
The romantic comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was released on Friday in the United States. Photo credit: Screenrant

Aubrey and Kendrick act as Tatiana and Alice, two friends who just want to take advantage of the opportunity to go on vacation. General reviews of the film have described it as a typical romantic comedy, which can entertain people looking for raunchy jokes.

Other film critics have praised Kendrick and Plaza’s performance, saying they showed more presence on screen than Efron and DeVine. Kendrick was nominated as best supporting actress in the 2010 Oscars for Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air.

Alice and Tatiana’s characters were as much as impressive as Mike and Dave. The first was recovering from a wedding that never took place, while Tatiana crazy enough to jump in front of a car, to caught Mike’s attraction.

Plaza said the car accident was one of her favorite parts of the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She said Tatiana’s character made her laugh aloud when she was reading the film’s script for the first time.

“I think it’s rare to read a script where the female characters are just as funny as the male characters,” Plaza told The Hollywood Reporter.

Plaza said the movie changed perceptions of the role of funny women on screen. She added that people are interested in watching “dynamic characters for women.”  Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is currently in movie theaters.

The film is based on a true-life story although the real wedding was not in Hawaii

Szymanski’s film is based on the real-life story of Mike and Dave Stangle, who published a hilarious ad on Craigslist in 2013. The Stangle brothers said they found surprising the idea of having a movie about such unexpected event.

Mike told People it was an excellent idea to have a film about his life, “especially when you have a bunch of people who are as into the ‘true story’ aspect as our producers,” he added. On the other hand, Dave said Szymanski’s film is loyal to the original story that both brothers lived.

That being said, the real wedding the brothers attended in 2013 was celebrated in Saratoga, New York, instead of Hawaii. The brothers also stated that they had average bodies, unlike Efron and DeVine.

“In the movie, the dates we end up taking to the wedding, [Plaza and Anna Kendrick], end up getting completely out of control. That part of the story was not inspired by the dates we ended up taking to the wedding, but more on the dating experience as a whole,” Mike and Dave told People.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter